MRT Franchise Awards

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Derpy_Melon presenting the MRT Franchise Awards

The MRT Franchise Awards was a ceremony that recognized excellence in the franchise industry. It was hosted by Derpy_Melon and camelfantasy. The winner of each category won a custom banner for their wiki and $50. Sponsered by.png


Here are the category nominees. The vote count is updated every day.

Name Owner In For Voting? Votes Booth1
Best Style
Sonamu Supykun Yes 40
Digipool University Thesteakpie Yes 12
Nutella House Supykun Yes 5
MRT State Library VernCow No
The Green Dragon _frozen No
Best Restaurant/Cafe
Sonamu Supykun Yes 36
Cytus Café lalaboy Yes 12
Kalmar's Fried Chicken thomasfyfe Yes 9
Sierra's Grill KittyCat11231 No
Russian Restaurant MishkaMan No
TarBucks tarheelscouse No
Magnifico Patrick44_LFC No
Creeperface's Cafe Creeperface_ No
Best Technology
iMorgan Derpy_Melon Yes 25
MineWare MIKE24DUDE Yes 21
Catronics KittyCat11231 Yes 11
Best Airline
Ilirea Airlines mikefishr Yes 26
IntraAir KittyCat11231 Yes 22
Eastern Airlines CortesiRaccoon Yes 9
Best Supermarket
Buy n Large MeetMeInSpace Yes 36
BrickMart _frozen Yes 18
RedGrocer hnt Yes 3
AliiFoods _alli No
Megavalue Supermarket hawksfan1010 No
LocalMart juniverse2001 No
Best Hotel
InterContinential kiwirainbow + hnt Yes 27
Marin Hotels powerminer01 Yes 23
SleepStar Miner_pug Yes 7
Best Transit
RegionalConnect RLcrafters Yes 35
CitiRail _frozen Yes 18
RED Systems Omricon Yes 4
Cyan Systems thomasfyfe No
IntraTransit KittyCat11231 No
Largest Stores
Sonamu Supykun Yes 33
Music's Gems KittyCat11231 Yes 21
BlockMart unjinz Yes 3
Stop 'n' Drop KittyCat11231 No
Best Misc. (Other) Store
MRT State Library VernCow Yes 33
Music's Gems KittyCat11231 Yes 20
Ammu-Nation jphgolf4321 Yes 4
Stupid Store Bryce_am No
Digipool University Thesteakpie No

1Booth refers to franchise space in Sudbury Center

Where And When

The MRT Franchise Awards will take place in Central City at the Sudbury Center around July 9th, 2016.

This event will be sponsored by Lift Event Management.

NINEChannel will be providing media coverage the MRT Franchise Awards.


Below is a list of processes for the nominations.

  • Franchise Nomination: Players can nominate their favorite franchises for each category. Complete
  • Franchise Selection: The hosts will choose 3 franchises from each category. Complete
  • Voting: Players can vote for one of 3 franchises for each category. Complete
  • Franchise of the Year: A voting form will be opened to select the best franchise out of the winners of each category. Complete
  • Awards Show The awards ceremony will occur in Sudbury Center, Central City. Coming Up
  • After-Show Party There will be a ballroom party after the show. Catering will be provided. Coming Up


Any corporation or town may sponsor the show by donating a certain amount of money for certain ranks. All perks for ranks are inherited from the previous rank.

Rank Cost Perks Maximum Amount Sponsors Amount
Wood $1-$10 Written Advertisement During Show Unlimited
Stone $10-$30 Spoken Advertisement During Show1 Unlimited DigiTech
Iron $30-$50 Deluxe Suite 6 Narnia17 $30
Gold $50-$70 Executive Suite 6
Diamond $70-$100 Presidential Suite 2 VernCow2
Maple Holdings
Northwest Holdings
Thunderguard Law Firm

1This rank does not inherit the perks of the wood rank
2This player might not take a presidential suite