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MRT High Speed

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MRTHS first happened when obi and thesubway wanted to run a railway from obi's city of carnoustie to subway's city of spruce valley and needed a company, then it kinda went dead and then subway started doing stuff and here we are now with one HS corridor and two stations. After that obi got the idea to name everything MRTHS so that's where names like MRTHS Air come from, but remember kids, MRTHS is the one and only true MRTHS

Rail Lines

MHS 1 Spruce Valley - Carnoustie

Station Name Connections Status
Spruce Valley Ingtonwych Cross SVTA Rail (Vegeta Line), Spruce Valley Public Transport Operational
Vegeta MRTHS SVTA Rail (Vegeta Line) Operational
Skogheim StarTrak Planned
Carnoustie MRTHS Carnoustie Transit Commission Planned