MRT International Airport

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MRT International Airport
Airport typeAirport
Hub forBART Airlines
Caelus Airlines
Direction Length Surface
ft m
36/18 Black Stained Clay

The MRT International Airport is the largest airport on the Old World.


Cortesi, Frumple, Benie, chiefbozx, hawksfan1010, mustang_guy, Stealth_Eagle, Just_robinho, Soleurs, BossOfGames, Tom_1227, and others

The MRT International Airport project was officially started by BossOfGames after the regional airport was completed. After the start of the project, it would be the last airport on the server before the Airport Ban was instated a week after the start. It is modeled after the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport in Detroit, Michigan (United States). The ownership have passed from BossOfGames, Tom_1277, MinecraftYoshi26, The MRT Server Administration, and it is currently owned by MinecraftYoshi26.


Gate Airline Flight Destination(s) Status
A1 RedWave Airways RW200 Ice Springs Regional Airport Active
A2 BART Airlines BA014 MRT Regional Airport Active
A3 BART Airlines BA018 Brooklyn Regional Airport Active
A4 BART Airlines BA013 Espil Ecilidae Airport Active
A5 ikeda CL104 Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport Active
A6 Skywest SW200 Whitechapel Sky Harbor Active
A7 Waypoint WP001 Epsilon International Airport Active
A8 South Weast Charter 1708 Anthony Fokker Regional Airport Active
1710 Alturas InterRegional Airport Active
A9 Cascadia Airways CA033 Ilirea Midcity Airport Active
A10 South Weast Charter 1711 Hummingbird Islands Regional Airport Active
1712 Akane - Ishuzu International Airport Active
A11 IntraAir IA048 Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport Active
A12 Cascadia Airways CA025 Bloomington-Robin's Hill International Airport Active
A13 BART Airlines BA012 Kolpino City Airport Active
A14 BluAir BU129 Richville International Airport Active
BU279 Chan Bay International Airport Active
A15 BART Airlines BA005 Vermilion Gateway Airport Active
A17 South Weast Airlines SA108 Harry S Truman International Airport Active
A19 Elecna Airlines Elecna Bay International Airport Active
B1 IntraAir operated by GEMS Airline GM006
Western Ocean International Airport Active
Zicronia Anaconda Regional Airport Active
B2 ikeda CL106 Miningstone Regional Airport Active
Andromeda International Airport Active
B3 BART Airlines BA015 Kenthurst Aerodrome Active
B4 ikeda CL144 Eristheeagle Memorial Municipal Airport Active
B5 ikeda CL118 Horizon National Airport Active
B6 ikeda CL006 Crystal City Municipal Airport Active
B7 IntraAir IA001 Andromeda International Airport Active
Kitania Municipal Airport Active
B8 ikeda CL100 Akane - Ishuzu International Airport Active
CL102 Western Ocean International Airport Active
B10 Caelus Airlines CL044 Saint Roux - Charles de Gaulle International Airport Active
B12 ikeda CL110 Omerah International Airport Active
B14 FliHigh Airlines Old World Express FH502 Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport Active
B16 South Weast Airlines SA123 Splurgeville Municipal Airport Active
B18 AirLinQ RQ5024 Autocity Antonio Airport Active
B20 Waypoint MineCity Regional Airport Active
B22 IntraAir IA062 Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport Active
B24 South Weast Airlines SA191 Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport Active
SA196 Mason City International Airport Active
B26 BART Airlines BA20 Marblelake Heathrow International Airport Active