MRT Library

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MRT Library
MRT Library.jpg
Library Staff
Co-Founder & CEO thomasfyfe
Co-Founder LDShadowLord
Library Location
MRT  B12  Government District
Bus  1  -  10 
Other transit LRT  790  Airport Express
Spawn City Link:  A  Line
Spawn City Link:  C  Line (planned)
Facts and figures
Books 40+
Founded October 2012

The MRT Library is a service on the MRT Server, built by thomasfyfe and LDShadowLord originally as an LDT construction, and is located within Spawn City at  B12  Government District Station. The library offers the server's largest collection of books ranging from fiction novels to adventure maps. Players who wish to have their book displayed in the library can send books through the secure deposit box at the MRT Mail Centre to be considered.