The last GSM of 2018 will be held on December 2 at 7pm UTC. Be sure to submit topics to staff@ by November 30 at 7pm UTC.


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MRTNewsChannelLogo.png Welcome to the MRT NewsChannel Website
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MRTNewsChannelLogo.png BREAKING NEWS: GSM public portion to start soon MRTNewsChannelLogo.png

UPDATE at 6:07 PM EDT June 16: The private portion has finished, with the public portion to start at 6:16 PM EDT. Watch it here:

UPDATE at 3:24 PM EDT June 16: The GSM private portion is currently in progress.

9:53 PM EDT June 15, 2018

The GSM is going to be held today, Saturday June 16th, at 3 PM EDT. This is going to be an especially long GSM due to the amount of topics, with 35 topics being present on the docket for the Staff. This is unusually long and could create one of the longest GSMs in recent months.

Among the topics, three cities are set to be reviewed for Premier: Dabecco, owned by Sirots, Utopia, owned by Narnia17, and Laclede, owned by jphgolf4321. In addition, there are several redacted topics present, including an entire redacted section.

MRT NewsChannel will stream the public portion live. It will also live-tweet the GSM on Twitter.

MRTNewsChannelLogo.png MRT server returns to service
CoreProtect logs purged

7:21 AM EDT June 15, 2018

The MRT Minecraft server returned to service early Friday morning. The operation that was being done was finally completed after 60 hours, which would place completion late Thursday night. However, it was discovered that rollbacks could not be done. A fix for this would have required coding a patch to CoreProtect, which nobody had the time or resources to do. Therefore, the CoreProtect database was dumped. Frumple also stated that dumps would now be required periodically, about once every year.

The Beta and Files servers were also returned to service.

MRTNewsChannelLogo.png Security agreement between MRT and WolvHaven released
Next meeting to finalize agreement on June 23rd

On Saturday, a security agreement was released by Frumple. This occurred after a meeting took place between the MRT, represented by Owner Frumple and administrator chiefbozx, and a team of diplomats from WolvHaven led by minebuilder1223, a moderator on WolvHaven. The agreement would create a Discord server which would be accessible by Frumple, Owner SilverWolv of the WolvHaven server, and other players designated by the two. This would allow the servers to share information about bad behavior that players had done on one server as well as warn the other server if someone attempted to use one server to start an attack against the other. Personal information cannot be shared however. This follows several security incidents recently which have involved both servers.

The security agreement will be discussed at the June GSM on June 16th as well as at a meeting of WolvHaven's Parliament, a body of players elected by WolvHaven's general public that enacts policies on that server. It then shall be finalized at a second meeting on June 23rd if "feedback is positive," according to Frumple.

MRTNewsChannelLogo.png A1 extension deadline extended for second time
Follows server downtime

UPDATE at 5:43 PM EDT June 12: The motion to extend the deadline has passed unopposed.

It is likely that for the second time the A1 Extension's deadline will be extended. It was originally at 2:59 AM EDT on Saturday, June 16. However, Transit Committee member Skelezomperman asked for an extension, noting that almost two days would be taken away by the downtime of the MRT server. Chair hvt2011 complied, proposing a motion to extend the deadline to Monday, June 19 at 2:59 AM EDT.

MRTNewsChannelLogo.png Eagle Awards held on Saturday, several awards given out MRTNewsChannelLogo.png

The Eagle Awards were held on Saturday. They were hosted by _Kastle in Grandma Henny's Grand Theatre in Wazamawazi, and produced by Kastle alongside Skelezomperman. The awards are based around air travel in the MRT and commemorate the best in air travel. IntraAir, owned by KittyCat11231, won the most awards, winning Best In-Flight Service, Best Business Class/Premium Economy, Best First Class, and Best Routes and Destinations. The SkyTransit Alliance won Best Alliance and as a whole performed well, as in addition to the four awards won by IntraAir two other awards were won by SkyTransit members, with Waypoint, owned by Cortesi, winning Best Ground Service, and Cascadia Airways, owned by Cynra_ and PtldKnight, winning Best Economy Class. Of the two "major" awards, Best Airport was won by Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport, while Outstanding Airline was won by BluAir.

Our sister network Box recorded the Eagle Awards and will upload the video to YouTube later this week.

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