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Creeperville Telecommunications System

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The Creeperville Telecommunications System, formerly the MRT Phone Network, is a telecommunications standard on the MRT founded by Ben6331 now owned by Frosty_Creeper10. This network is based off a mix of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for landlines and the Philippine numbering system for mobiles. The system caters to both town mayors and phone carriers. When it was granted to Frosty_Creeper10, it became based at Creeperville, hence the name.


These are the two standard formats for landline and mobile numbers in the CTS. As a guide;

  • Capitalised letters are mandatory in the number.
  • Lowercase letters are optional in the number.
  • X is always decided by the city/carrier.

Landline Format

The format for landline numbers is +Nnn (WCc) XXX-XXXX with

  • N as the Country (Nation/State) code
  • W as the Ward the city is located in
  • C as the City code
  • X as the Personal number

Mobile Format

The format for mobile numbers is +Nnn (PPP) XXX-XXXX with

  • N as the Country (Nation/State) code
  • P as the Network Provider code
  • X as the Personal number

Application Info

This section details information about who can apply for a code and if applicable, specifics as to how the code will work in the system.

State or City-States

If you are the mayor, deputy mayor, or authorised government official for a city or state, you can apply for a code for that state and it’s component cities.


Any government official of a city in an MPO can apply for a country code for the MPO and a city code for the component cities. Before applying, make sure that all mayors have agreed on the code.

If a city in the MPO is a component of a state that has a country code assigned to it, the mayor of that city may choose for the country code of that city to either be the state’s code or the MPO’s code.

Multiple Cities

If multiple cities want to use the same city code, they may do so as long as all mayors have agreed and all those cities are in the same ward. They may not though, apply for a common country code unless they apply as an MPO. The cities must use the country code that they are assigned to.

Cell Carriers

Cell carriers are automatically assigned the three-digit network provider code by default if their wiki page is in the Mobile Service Providers category. They may have their code changed or completely opt-out of the system on the table located in the Talk Page.


The ward of the city will be determined in the same way the Vermilion Postcode System does, based on the location of the town hall of the city. If you consider your city to be in multiple wards, you may apply for 2 city codes with different first digits. The second and third digits must be the same. If you choose to do this, please enter each code request in separate rows.


The above can also occur with an MPO. If there is a town in Ward 8 and another in Ward 9, there would a Ward 8 country code and a Ward 9 country code for the MPO.


This is a list of all codes currently in use.

Landline Codes

State Name Country Code City Name City Code
Sultanate of Creeperville 0 Creeperville 101
Sultanate of Creeperville 0 Kota Lembah 606
Ben Nation 11 Benion 114
City-State 100 Shadowpoint 107
City-State 100 Mons Pratus 112
Democratic State of Bronte 118 Dulwich 423
Democratic State of Bronte 118 Bronte 424
State of Waterville 23 Waterville 911
City-State 200 Enspington 250
Republic of Kevtropolis 230 Kevtropolis 209
Republic of Kevtropolis 230 Osaka 802
Chillplains 271 Plainsley 571
Chillplains 271 Chillington 871
City-State 300 Freedon 301
City-State 300 Greater Accerton 335
Carnoustian Republic 44 Carnoustie 801
City-State 400 Wythern 410
City-State 400 Beaufort 484
Kaktus Republic 54 Woodsdale 193
City-State 500 Elecna Bay 569
The Dominion of Royal Ferry and Twickenham 592 Royal Ferry-Oakley 524
The Dominion of Royal Ferry and Twickenham 592 Arendale-Twickenham 924
Ophelia Confederation 62 Seolho 522
Ophelia Confederation 62 Janghwa City (Ward 6) 652
Ophelia Confederation 62 Janghwa City (Ward 7) 752
City-State 600 Heampstead 666
City-State 700 Kenthurst 700
City-State 700 Riverhead 718
City-State 700 Helix Bay 777
Nymphalian Republic 719 Nymphalia 246
Nymphalian Republic 719 Woodford 291
Nymphalian Republic 719 Redbridge 332
Nymphalian Republic 719 Southend 499
Nymphalian Republic 719 Gemstride 637
Nymphalian Republic 719 Savacaci 702
Nymphalian Republic 719 Viyaxayiv 789
Nymphalian Republic 719 Frosty Rivers 801
City-State 800 Oakburgh 804
City-State 800 Xilia 805
State of Richville 81 Bay Point 115
State of Richville 81 Antioch 125
State of Richville 81 Richville 408
State of Richville 81 Northgate 410
City-State 900 Konawa 917
City-State 900 Armada 923
City-State 900 Snowtopic 932
City-State 900 Dabecco 973

Mobile Codes

Carrier Name Network Provider Code
BaseWire 110
Feline Wireless 200
HelCom 210
/stripe/ telecom 230
MaxWireless 300
MRT Cellular 310
PeachWireless 400
RedMobile 410
RichMobile 500
StarCity Telecom 510
Telekom 600
X-Mobile 610
NeigeCom 626

How To Join

I plan to create a Google Form in the future if you’d like to request an area/carrier code. Right now, please use the Talk Page tables for your requests. I’ll approve (or reject, most probably approve) the number as soon as I can. Numbers will only be rejected if they don’t follow the format specifications.

Landline Numbers

To request a landline area code, please follow these instructions. Landline area code requests should be placed in the Landline Requests table.


States are nations conposed of multiple cities (e.g. City-State of Kitania, Democratic State of Bronte, Armadean Municipality).

  • On the first column, please place the name of the Country (Nation/State).
  • On the second column, please place the N - Country (Nation/State) code. This can be 1, 2 or 3 digits and there are no rules as to which number combinations you may have, as long as it does not exceed three digits.
  • On the third column, please place the name of the City of which you’re getting the code for.
  • On the fourth column, please place the C - City code. The first digit must be the ward the city is located in. After this, there are 2 digits. You may choose any two-digit combinations as long as these two digits provided they are not taken yet. 2

If you are entering requesting codes for multiple cities in the state, please enter each city in a different row.


For CTS purposes, a City-State shall be defined as a city that has no affiliation with any states. For example, the City-State of Kitania is considered a State, not a City-State because it governs multiple cities.

  • On the first column, please place City-State
  • On the second column, please place the N - Country (Nation/State) code. For City-States, the first digit must be the ward the city is located in. The second and third digits must be 0. 2
  • On the third column, please place the name of your City.
  • On the fourth column, please place the C - City code. For City-States the format for the City code will be as so: The first digit will be the ward the city is in. The next 2 digits will be any two-digit combination provided that they aren’t the same as the Country code.2

If your City-State becomes a State, please enter a new request following the State format.


MPO requests should follow the same format as State requests, replacing the name of the Country with the name of the MPO.

Multiple Cities

Multiple cities that want to use the same country and/or city code should follow the same format for requests as State requests but replacing the name of the country with the names of all the cities involved. In the second column, they should enter the country codes assigned to that city (be it a code of a State or a code for a City-State) in the order the names of the cities were placed.

Mobile Numbers

To request your carrier’s Network Provider code to be changed, to opt-out of this system or to join the system, please follow these instructions. Network Provider code requests should be placed in the “Mobile Requests” table.


Cell carriers are companies that provide cell service on the server. Notable examples include BaseWire, Feline Wireless and RichMobile.

  • On the first column, please enter the name of your network provider company.
  • On the second column, please enter whether you want to Join, Change Code or Opt-out
  • On the third column, please enter these details:
    • If you want to Join: the code you’d like your carrier to have.
    • If you want to Change Code: the code you’d like to change to.
    • If you want to Opt-out: your username.


1 Ben Nation has been assigned the country code +1 because of it being the nation led by the founder of the MRT Phone Network.

2 If your city is located in the Epsilon expansion, use the ward you identify your city with, basically the one that makes the most sense for your city.