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The MRT Quickie Snack (MRTQS for short) is a smallish shop on the MRT server, ran by bensismith. It sells various items, and is meant to be "collect and go", so as to spend little time shopping.


It was created on 18th February, because _frozen was looking for a shop in his new stadium, Pacifica Arena. It was then founded, and is growing at a reasonable pace.


A normal MRTQS features:

  • A till
  • Droppers dispensing various foods. (see here)
  • Witty comments on each item description


  • Warm, Nutty Peanuts! (May cont. Nut)
  • Warm, Meaty Tacos! (Meat not Inc.)
  • Hot, Creamy Coffee! (Cream Extra)
  • Meaty, Streaky Bacon! (Not for Veg.)
  • Cool, Juicy Water! (Juice Extra)
  • Juicy, Icy Juice! (Ice Extra)

NOTE: Not all our shops contain all the above items.

Special Additions

These are items used in only one or two of our shops, usually location based.

  • Olympic Mascot: Puffy - Robin's Hill (Olympic Village)
  • Potatoes - Kitania (Potato Ave)
  • Game Programmes - Fairfax (Pacifica Arena)
  • Heliport Guides - Eastern Heliport