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MRT Road Standards

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The MRT Gamma World has different levels of road classification that may be confusing for some players. This page is to clarify the confusion for players and to set an guideline for roads that creates intercity connections.

The basic purpose of the classifications is to show that A-roads serves large regions, and B-roads serves towns and cities directly.

Do note that any road built must follow the rules set in the Ranks section. You are not allowed to build any type of connecting roads to any other towns if you are below the Councillor rank. However, if your town is built on an pre-existing road or freeway, you are allowed to build an connection to that freeway or road.

Common Guidelines for Any Type of Roads

All Roads, regardless of its classification, follows those guidelines outside towns:

  • The goal of realism, as stated in the rules;
  • Tunnels must be at least 4 tiles high, include shoulders, and its walls not natural-looking;
  • Each lane must be 3-4 tiles wide;
  • 4 blocks of clearance of any type of obstruction (bridge, trees, etc);
  • Pillars or Walls underneath elevated sections;
  • Any trees underneath the elevated road must NOT touch the road from the bottom. If it touches the road, cut the tree down.
  • If any trees are cut in half by world-edit, get rid of the entire tree. Do not leave half-cut trees and floating trees.
  • If you have to go through a hill, either slope the sides down to the highway, or add an retaining wall.
  • Roads are ALWAYS right-handed drive. A-roads will always follow this rule; B-roads can be left-handed inside a town provided that there are proper changeovers before leaving the city;
  • Must be drivable by Ucars;
  • Tolls are allowed, only with mandatory "Fast Lanes" to allow bypasses of the toll booth in case of malfunction.


There are two classifications of roads:

Example Sign for an A-Road.

A-Road: Main Freeways/Highways of the MRT. They are the staff-approved routes that will criss-cross the map to serve as an alternative to the MRT Transit System. By using special enhancement to the roads, you can zip across the map at a high speed. They are divided roadways, and has no at-grade intersections. They are made of the same materials all over the place, and has strict standards to adhere to ensure that the travel is safe. They are identified with an assigned route number, and is formatted such as A0. An example of the A-Highway is the A8 Highway between Central City and Whitechapel.

A-Road Guidelines includes:

  • the goal of making it look realistic. This includes no abrupt 90 degrees ramps or freeway turns. They all must have a curve like in real life.
  • the slopes of the highways at a minimum of 4 tiles between one tile increase or decrease in elevation;
  • Half-slabs (either Nether-brick or Spruce/Dark Oak) are highly recommended, but optional be at every slope to help with the elevation;
  • Road material must be black stained clay inside AND outside of city limits
  • Carpet shall not be used as road material in order to not send UCars off the edges of the roads
  • Divided road either with the addition of a fence in the middle with or without shoulders; or a grass median a minimum of 3 tiles wide not including shoulders;
  • Gravel or any other type of shoulders on the outside of the roads;
  • diamond blocks buried a block underneath the road bed inside the two central lanes at a minimum (can also cover outside lanes if desired);
  • Fences outside the right-of-way to ensure animals does not enter the road from above the highways;
  • Tunnels should be included into the proposal, and it should be built only because of geographical limitations. Freeways should not be tunneled under cities for long distances, as that does not meet the realism rule;

A-Roads can only be approved at the monthly GSM meetings with a detailed text AND map proposal made and emailed to the Admods a week prior to the GSM. This includes any type of extensions or major modification of the A-Roads.

B-Road: Inter-city Highways that serves small distance/serves as connections between various cities and A-roads. They are NOT high-speed, they are NOT divided, is at-grade except bridges over deep canyons and water features, and has a maximum of 2 lanes per direction. There will be no off-ramps/on-ramps in-between cities. However, B-roads can look like A-roads inside cities. Any intersection with any other roads except A-roads will be treated as a stoplight, or stop sign, intersection. Intersections with A-roads must be made either as a diamond junction or a folded junction, but not as a full directional ramp if the intersection is outside a player's town. They are identified with an number selected by the builder, and is formatted such as B0. A example of a 1-lane B route is the B901 between Christi and West Calbar.

B-road can not have on-ramps or off-ramps EXCEPT inside town limits, and at intersections with A-roads.

B-Roads Guidelines includes:

  • Road must be at-grade at all times except for crossing A-Roads, Water features, or severe geographical barriers. Tunnels are allowed over small distances;
  • Road is designed to have either one- or two-lanes with no divider in the middle of the road. However, three lanes are permissible over short stretches to accommodate for turn lanes or ramps into A-roads;
  • It must be divided with a single yellow wool in the middle (or a glowstone with yellow carpet on top);
  • In between cities, B-Roads must follow the A-road standards when it comes to paving materials. However, inside towns, they are up to the town builder's decision;
  • B-Roads can appear like an A-Road ONLY inside city limits. As soon as the buildings ends, so does the city limit and the road must revert to MRT guidelines;
  • Diamond UCar boosts are not allowed. However, they can only have gold boosts underneath;
  • Any type of road intersections with B-roads outside towns must be treated as a 4-way or stoplight intersection. No ramps allowed otherwise;

To build a B-roads connecting to an existing A-road, you don’t need permission at the GSM. To build it to or in the middle of nowhere or a long-distance B-Road, permission IS needed at the GSM.. To request for permissions, you will need to email admods with details and a map. If you're not absolutely sure whether or not you need staff permission, send an email proposal just to be safe. It's better to send in a proposal for a road that didn't need it than get warned for building a road that did.