MRT Western Line

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MRT Western Line
Western Line logo.png
RouteHazenne to San Francisco via Spring Valley
Number of stations96
Players involved
Main builderchiefbozx: Western North ( WS1  -  WN30 )
VickiTori: Western North Extension ( WN30  -  W53 )
chiefbozx: Western South ( WS24  -  WS1 )
Spegit & __7d: Western North Extension 2 ( WN53 - WN60 )
Additional buildersMojang1014 & Skelezomperman: former  M54  -  M62 
Foote_Chicken: former  M62  -  M65 
StationMRT v5.1a

The MRT Western Line, or simply the Western Line, is one of the four directional lines of the New World MRT System. It was one of the original 22 lines proposed by Frumple prior to the Gamma world opening, but only short stubs of it was constructed for a while.


The Western Line was first mentioned in the New World MRT plans in August 2014. The route it took according to the plan is the northwestern corner with transfers to Taiga, Northern and Arctic Lines and the southwestern corner with a terminal shared with Southern, Mesa and Desert Lines via Camino. The quadruple-line section between  NW26 / T50 ,  NW25 / T49 , and the double-line section between  T49  and  T46  has provisions for Western Line with the intention that this line would be eventually built up to the NW corner. It would also share tracks with the Circle and Taiga Lines along the way.

What are now  WN13  through  WN18  stations were constructed along with the original MRT lines, specifically creating interchanges with  T31  through  T36  and  C98  through  C102 . These stations and tracks were largely unused by passengers, as the Taiga and Circle Lines could actually exit this belt and carry on to other destinations. However, the Western Line stations were fully functional.

In Frumple's Epsilon MRT plans at the May 2017 GSM, it would go from the northwestern corner with Taiga Line to the southwestern corner, terminating with Southern and Desert Lines, with an possibility of forgoing the connection to the Taiga and Circle interchanges. These plans were discussed throughout early 2017, but no construction was done as the staff were more focused on the DLX1, FLEX, and ZNX projects at the time.

In January 2018 GSM, when chiefbozx returned to the staff, he proposed a construction of the Western Line that incorporated the original design plans for Western Line, including the shared section between Taiga and Circle Lines. After some discussion within the staff, this proposal was approved and Chief began construction. The initial phase, going between  WS1  and  WN30  opened in February 2018 GSM.

In the Zeta MRT plans by Frumple at April 2020, Western North would be extended to northwestern Zeta, terminating at a savannah biome via Carnoustie while Western South would be extended all the way to the southwest, passing through Nansei-Gunto with an interchange to MRT Southern Line.

In July 2020 GSM, chiefbozx was approved to build Western Line South to Tembok. Chief began putting in stations slowly, which was completed by November 2020. In August 2020, Chief pledged that he'll finish the extension and open it in September 2020 GSM, but due to Chief's other projects on MRT and IRL responsibilities, it was constantly delayed. The pace of the construction on Western Line South was subject to ridicule, even among staff members and jokes, and even Chief pledged that he won't work on another MRT extension after he finished construction on Western South. The conception of new Zeta MRT plans which included the MRT Union Line around Zeta, and the MRT line plans in the southwest led Chief to finish the extension and open it in December 2022 GSM, after more than two years of construction.

In September 2020 ISM, VickiTori_ began building the Western North extension to Aston. The extension opened in January 2021 ISM.

In the Zeta MRT plans by Frumple at November 2022, Western North would be extended to the northern border, like the Zeta MRT plans in 2020, but Western South would instead inherit the existing Mesa Line structure to Hazenne then it extended to the southern border via Sylffe.

In December 16, 2022, a proposal by pretzel33 to extended the line to  WN60  in San Francisco built by Spegit, with __7d as a sponsor was submitted, originally including an extra station in San Francisco Downtown, but this was later removed. It was approved a day later. It opened in December 26, 2022, after the claim form for this extension was closed.

In January 8, 2023, as part of Project Midway, the line was extended to  WS35  in Hazenne by Missa_Solemnis, inheriting the MRT Mesa Line structure built by Mojang1014 and Foote_Chicken in 2021 and 2022.


The Western Line runs from San Francisco to Rizalburg via West Epsilon and Spring Valley. The current travel duration for the line's entire length is approximately 149 minutes.

Western North Extension 2

In this extension, the tunnels are made out of quartz, being 4.5 blocks tall and shaped like an arch and is detailed, with red concrete lines and walls, with redstone lamps and pillars along the way, and viaducts are likewise also detailed; red concrete on sides with railings and quartz poles along the way, and quartz pillars with red concrete and redstone lamps.

The line begins in San Francisco at WN60 station, where it goes south following the shore of Eilean Sea. The line passes through Vorepolis, before joining with MRT Union Line just north of Nova Roma, and they pass through Nova Roma before going above ground into the forest biome on the way to WN54 station, which is a transfer station with Union and L2 Lines. After this station, Union and L2 Lines turn to the west, going underground, and Western Line continues south to WN53 station in Aston, where the extension ends.

Western North Extension

The style in this extension is that tunnels and viaducts are made out of quartz, with a red concrete centerline and redstone lamps along the way. The viaducts also have red concrete on the sides with a glass railing, supported with quartz pillars with red concrete down the center, and tunnels are 4 blocks tall.

From Aston, the line goes through Wurst, then going underground in order to go across the roofed forest biome, before arriving at WN50 station in Newbridge, which is a transfer station with MRT Lakeshore Line, then going through the roofed forest biome before arriving at Newbush, then rising above ground to a height of Y=86 through the swamp biome and WN48 station, and stays like that when passing Whittingdon and Bristol. In Bristol, WN45 station is an interchange station with MRT Arctic Line, which is accessed with an elevator.

The line then enters a mountain biome, passing through No Name, then going underground after the mountain biome, arriving at Carnoustie, where 2 stations are in, located at Carnoustie International Airport and Carnoustie Grand Central, respectively. Both stations are transfer stations with MRT Northern Line.

From Carnoustie, the line then follows the plains biomes, then following a south-east trajectory through Hythe, going through Trickdale before going above ground, reaching a height of Y=87 while passing through Lanatam and through the plains biome. Then, it goes through a forest biome before arriving at Worcester, where this extension ends.

Western North

The style of this section is much like MRT lines built during early Gamma, with tunnels and viaducts made out of quartz, red wool lines down the center and redstone lamps dotted along the way, along with quartz columns with red wool down the center. In ground sections, there are also 2 red wool lines along the sides, also dotted with redstone lamps, and the tunnels are 3 blocks tall.

The line continues east, crossing the forest biome, visiting Pharos and Birchwood paralleling B83, then ascending to a height a height of Y=88 going through Kensington. Then, the line descends, continuing through the forest biome to Rosemary, then crossing A8 where it approaches the mega taiga biome, stopping at Pine Town first. Then, when in the mega taiga biome, the line stops at West Auria, continuing east until after WN19 station, where the line turns to the south and joins MRT Taiga Line from Spruce Valley. The lines continue to Newton-le-Willows, where MRT Circle Line from Armada joins, then they go through New Woodbury and Jeeka, before exiting the mega taiga biome. After WN13 station, the lines split, with Circle Line continuing to Storalisburg and Taiga Line continuing to Kessler. Additionally, the lines in the mega taiga biome have a stone surface and stone edges.

The line then goes southwest, going across Wazamawazi Hiranomachi before going underground across the mountain biome, entering Spring Valley and going above ground after the roofed forest biome, then crossing A8. The line then goes across the desert biome to Nauvis, before reaching the mountains biome, meeting with MRT Expo Line at WN6 station, one station south from Nauvis. The lines take different ways when going through this biome, with the lines rising to Y=100, which makes it one of the highest sections in MRT system, only rivaled by MRT Yellow Line at Spawn Station, at Y=110, before arriving at WN5/XW30 station, which is also the highest station in MRT system, at Y=100. After this station, Western Line goes underground, and Expo Line goes underground just before WN2 station in Moton. At this point, the lines are no longer in the mountain biome. After WN1 station, the lines split, with Expo Line turning east on the way to Savacaci, Ilirea and points east, and Western Line continuing south for W0 station, and then going above ground to WS1 station, located in Merced.

Western South

The style in this section is like Western North, but south of WS2 station, the line gains red sides and railings on the sides. From WS1 station, the line goes underground to cross a canal connecting Autumnal Sea and Lake 8 (unofficially called West Ocean or Western Ocean), leaving the savannah biome. Then, the line reaches Kriuine, before turning to the west, crossing the savannah and desert biomes typical in Southwest Epsilon. After 6 stations and 3 A78 crossings, the line goes underground on the way to WS11 station in Hamblin, an interchange station with MRT Savannah Line.

The line continues west, going above ground and following the shore of Autumnal Sea. After 5 stations, the line arrives at Chan Bay, first the 2 stations next to the former Chan Bay International Airport, WS17 and WS18, then the line goes underground and makes another 2 stops at Chan Bay, before going above ground into a desert biome and paralleling B76 all the way to Tembok, where the line goes underground to WS24 station, which is an interchange station with MRT Mesa Line. After going underground, the line used to go to a station under and perpendicular to the current Western Line station, which used to be Mesa Line, but as part of Project Midway, the old Western Line station at WS24 was taken out of service, instead inheriting the Mesa Line station, and a new Mesa Line station was built below it, with new tracks built to connect Western Line to the old Mesa Line station and Mesa Line to the new Mesa Line station.

Project Midway section (WS24-WS35)

The section used to be part of MRT Mesa Line, which is made up of Extension 4, from Tembok to Rizalburg and Extension 5, from Rizalburg to Hazenne, but as part of Project Midway phase 1, these extensions were transferred to Western Line. The style of Mesa Extension 4 is that tunnels are made out of stone, having pillars and being detailed, and a red terracotta line runs along the center with shroomlights along the way, and viaducts are made out of quartz, with red concrete running along the center and sides with redstone lamps, and supported with quartz pillars with red concrete on the corners, and the style of Mesa Extension 5 is that the tunnels are made out of stone, with red terracotta lines on the sides and redstone lamps on the surface, and the viaduct is likewise also made out of stone, with andesite railings.

From Tembok, the line goes west, going above ground to a plains biome, going through Chicagoland and Rosebridge. After Rosebridge, Mesa Line goes aboveground, continuing west to Dewford City, while Western Line turns to the south, staying in the plains biome. The line then parallels B69, going through Cairnhill and Idk. At this point, B69 ends at an interchange with A68, where the line parallels from this point. Additionally, the line goes under the high plateaus on the savannah biome, before going underground on the way to Rizalburg, located at WS32 station.

From Rizalburg, the line stays underground, crossing the canal connecting Lake Gunto and Gray Cloud Lake via a small, unnumbered lake, and entering the tundra biome. After making another stop, the line goes above ground crossing A68, stopping at Pascal at WS34. Then, after going across the tundra biome a bit, the line turns to meet with MRT Oasis Line in Hazenne at WS35 station, where the line ends. This extension is completely straight, except for a single turn at WS35 station.


City Rank Mayor Stations
San Francisco [Governor] Spegit  WN60  San Francisco City Airport
Carnoustie [Governor] CaptainObi  WN41  Carnoustie - Airport
 WN40  Carnoustie - Grand Central
Lanatam [Governor] MPolo455  WN33  Lanatam
New Woodbury [Senator] AlfiePops  WN15  New Woodbury
Wazamawazi [Governor] autobus22  WN13  Jeeka - Zwanenburgt
 WN12  Hiranomachi
 WN11  Hiranomachi Peaks
 WN10  Wazamawazi - Spring Valley
Spring Valley [Senator] Architect_21  WN10  Wazamawazi - Spring Valley
 WN9  Spring Valley Canal Street
 WN8  Spring Valley Fifth Street
Hamblin [Senator] ArizTrad  WS11  Hamblin
Chan Bay  [Premier]  Mojang1014  WS19  Chan Bay North
 WS20  Chan Bay South / Airfield Station
Rizalburg [Senator] Mojang1014  WS32  Rizalburg


MBS released a timelapse of the line as a part of its "Five Years Later" series.
Status Code Station name MRT connections
 Ward 9 
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN60 San Francisco City Airport None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN59 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN58 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN57 North Nova Roma None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN56 South Nova Roma None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN55 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN54 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN53 Aston None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN52 Llanrwst Newydd None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN51 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN50  LW36  MRT Lakeshore Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN49 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN48 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN47 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN46 North Bristol None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN45 Bristol  A56  MRT Arctic Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN44 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN43 None
 Ward 8 
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN42 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN41 Carnoustie - Airport  NW41  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN40 Carnoustie - Grand Central  NW40  MRT Northern Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN39 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN38 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN37 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN36 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN35 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN34 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN33 Lanatam None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN32 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN31 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN30 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN29 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN28 Birchwood Penn Station None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN27 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN26 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN25 Rosemary City None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN24 Rosemary Development Project None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN23 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN22 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN21 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN20 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN19 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN18  T36  MRT Taiga Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN17  C102  T35  MRT Circle and Taiga Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN16  C101  T34  MRT Circle and Taiga Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN15 New Woodbury  C100  T33  MRT Circle and Taiga Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN14 Jeeka  C99  T32  MRT Circle and Taiga Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN13 Jeeka-Zwanenburgt  C98  T31  MRT Circle and Taiga Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN12 Hiranomachi None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN11 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN10 Wazamawazi–Spring Valley None
 Ward 7 
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN9 Spring Valley Canal Street None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN8 Spring Valley Fifth Street None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN7 None
 Ward 8 
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN6  XW31  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN5  XW30  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN4  XW29  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN3  XW28  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN2  XW27  MRT Expo Line
 Ward 7 
Dynmap Green Flag.png WN1  XW26  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png W0 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS1 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS2 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS3 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS4 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS5 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS6 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS7 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS8 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS9 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS10 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS11 Hamblin  H5  MRT Savannah Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS12 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS13 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS14 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS15 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS16 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS17 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS18 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS19 Chan Bay North None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS20 Chan Bay South / Airfield Station None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS21 None
 Ward 6 
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS22 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS23 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS24 Tembok  M54  MRT Mesa Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS25  M55  MRT Mesa Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS26  M56  MRT Mesa Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS27  M57  MRT Mesa Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS28 Cairnhill None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS29 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS30 Idk None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS31 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS32 Rizalburg None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS33 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS34 None
Dynmap Green Flag.png WS35 Hazenne Town Center  OW42  MRT Oasis Line
future extension planned
Dynmap Pin.png WSX Sylffe Salme Port (planned)  U135  MRT Union Line