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MRT Wiki
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Founded12 March 2013 (Wikispaces)
17 April 2013 (MediaWiki)

The MRT Wiki, or simply Wiki, is the MRT Server's official wiki. It was originally hosted on Wikispace, but was later moved to MediaWiki and hosted on the Omega server, before being moved to the Gamma server and later Epsilon.

The MRT Wiki currently is only editable by Members and above, while Trustees and above can also upload images to the wiki.

The wiki is managed by the server staff with similar ranks (moderators and administrators), with staff being given the ability to ban users (username, email, and IP), delete pages, manage permissions, and create accounts.


Due to the wiki being open to anyone, spam has been a problem. In late 2015, editing permissions were restricted to Trustees and above due to a person proclaiming to be colaja953 making threats on pages. Account registration was later closed as spammers bypassed this trolling barrier by creating accounts with outrageous names.

Shortly after Epsilon was opened at the end of 2016, the required rank for account creation and wiki editing was lowered to Member again.

Wiki Code

Code can be used to create objects such as infoboxes, headers and tables. Links to templates and tutorials:

  • Infobox
    • Infobox transit
    • Infobox town

Wiki Rules

Generally, don't edit war, be courteous to others, and only add info that is true. Remember that as this is a wiki, anyone is welcome to edit any page, create templates, etc.


Q: I just created an account, when can I create/edit my user page or edit Funny Quotes and Guest Quotes?

A: You may edit/create after 4 days and having made 10 edits.

Q: How do I create a page?

A: Type in the name of the page you want to create into the search bar, hit enter, and click on the red link.

Q: I created an account but can't edit!

A: It means you don't have Trustee permissions on the wiki. Simply ask an admin to set them for you.

Q: What are some basic templates I should know?

A: Some useful ones are the username link shortcut, infoboxes (especially town infoboxes and user infoboxes), station coding, transit line station lists, text color, and colorboxes.

Q: How do I format text?

A: Using apostrophes, '''bold''' yields bold, ''italics'' yields italics, '''''bold italics''''' yields bold italics. Strikethrough is accomplished through <s>Strikethrough</s>, superscript can be accomplished by {{sup|superscript}} or <sup>superscript</sup>, and subscript can be accomplished by <sub>subscript</sub>. COLOUR is achieved by using the template {{u|Color|Text}} where the color can be either in hex code or word form.

Q: How do I create a table?

A: Simple tables are easy to create, however more complicated ones require more advanced knowledge. Refer to the codings of some existing ones on the wiki for examples (they have multiple advanced features in them): UCWT#Bus, TTC#Metro_Statuses, and RaiLinQ#Station_List.

Q: How do I use templates?

A: Most template pages have documentations included. If they don't go into the source and try to figure it out.

Q: What should I remember when editing talk pages?

A: If you are creating a new topic, click the + button to the right of the edit button to add a new section. If you are editing an existing topic, use colons : for a response, for each further response add an additional colon. Remember to always sign your talk pages with the four tildes ~~~~, or as you wish.

Q: I need more help on the wiki, where can I get it?

A: Remember that you can always view the sources of other pages to aid you in any questions you may have in infoboxes, tables, templates, etc., or you can ask a more experienced editor of the MRT Wiki to help you. Some other useful pages include Chiefbozx/HTNFAW and Help:Templates.

Q: How can I create a user link?

A: You can create a user link like this by doing the following syntax: {{u|Username}}. You can also make the link say something else by using the following syntax: {{u|Username|Text}}.

Q:How do I create a link?

A: You can create a page link like Main Page by doing the following syntax: [[Page]]. You can also make the link say something else by using the following syntax: [[Page|Text]].