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The third iteration, before the whiteout

The MRT community contributed to three drawings in various locations in r/place in 2022 on Reddit. The MRT community did not contribute to the 2017 and 2023 editions.


Ardyln's plan to put the MRT logo in r/place in 2017

In 2017, Reddit created r/place for April Fools, where registered users could edit the color of a single pixel of the canvas every few minutes. Ardyln had an idea to put the MRT logo onto the canvas, but the idea failed to gain traction.


In 2022, Reddit brought back r/place for April Fools for 83 hours from April 1 to 5.

The zeroth iteration

When r/place began, some people drew the MRT logo drawn in the top-left of the canvas; however, it was quickly covered by the Welsh flag.

This was followed by numerous other mini-attempts, with the goal to create multiple MRT logos, with the hope that it would start a pattern other r/place users would begin to follow. This tactic was utilized in the first iteration.

The first iteration

The first iteration

The first iteration of the MRT drawing was made on April 1, 2022, and was located at the coordinates 886, 713, to the right of r/touhou/pxls.space drawings and above the r/superstonk drawing. The MRT community participants began to gradually shrink the surrounding image to fit in more MRT logos. Eventually, the communities responsible for the drawing noticed and began to fix their drawing and fill in the MRT logos with pink.

The second iteration

The second iteration, before it was blacked-out by xQcOW's void

On April 2, 2022, when the canvas expanded, the first iteration drawing was small, which made it hard to expand. The old drawing was abandoned, and the community moved to a new location at the coordinates 1645, 580. This allowed the community to construct a larger logo. The drawing was announced on #media-announcements in the MRT Discord. Whilst building the logo, community members were adjacent to a drawing by the Reddit community members of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The logo for the Effective Altruism community was also drawn above this new location. After some negotiation, MRT members decided to move the drawing left, which resulted in covering a drawing by the community of Adastra, who agreed to move to another location. Some conflict between Effective Altruism members and the Jaguars took place, leading to a proposed merge of all three logos, including the MRT. This sparked numerous interactions with both these communities. Following this, the Jacksonville Jaguars ended up erasing Effective Altruism's community drawing with their own.

The MRT community joined The Quadrant, an alliance of numerous other communities located around the MRT logo. The MRT logo was almost erased with the Ecuadorian flag expanding towards the MRT community's drawing.

The third iteration

Following being erased by a void created by xQcOW and the area being covered by the Ecuadorian flag during nighttime on April 3, 2022, the MRT community moved to the final location at the coordinates of 1340, 463, over the xQcOW void. The MRT community collaborated with WolvHaven. The MRT logo moved following an agreement with the community of PlanP. After that, the MRT community managed to hold onto the area until a streamer named kekigod and their viewers began drawing a cake-like drawing over the logo.

At this point, according to MBoaty, any attempt at negotiations quickly fell apart. After some back-and-forth fighting, the streamer gave up and decided to play another game. This resulted in the MRT community managing to hold the area until the anti-void started.


A timelapse of the 2022 attempts

Numerous members contributed to the creation of images on r/place. The following is a non-comprehensive list of contributors:

User 1st iteration 2nd iteration 3rd iteration
Ada_Virus Yes Yes Yes
aindrigo Yes Yes Yes
DNAmaster10 Yes Yes Yes
FredTheTimeLord Yes Yes Yes
JTrain77 Yes Yes Yes
Melecie Yes Yes Yes
Needn_NL Yes No Yes
__7d No Yes Yes
ArizTrad No Yes Yes
chimata No Yes Yes
Cookie46910 No Yes Yes
Conric005 No Yes No
DintyB No Yes Yes
hvt2011 No Yes Yes
MBoaty No Yes Yes
mi_aquamarine No Yes Yes
MikeRoma No Yes No
SansNotLuigi No Yes Yes
Worrski No Yes Yes
Freskooo No Yes Yes
frogggggg No No Yes
Frumple No No Yes
MC_Protocol No No Yes
MrMinecraft1423 No No Yes
SimonScholar No No Yes
TheNorthMemphis No No Yes


r/place in 2023 took place from July 20 to July 25, lasting for about 127 hours. Due to protests regarding a new policy that would charge some third-party applications to access data from Reddit, conversations took place in the MRT Discord server about whether the MRT community would participate. On July 21, when the canvas expanded, chimata posted a poll on the MRT Discord server asking whether the MRT community should participate. Approximately six hours after when the poll was created, the majority voted "no". Some of the members participated in r/place include Ada_Virus, chimata and Melecie, through other communities who decided to participate in r/place.