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MRTvision Screenshot Contest
MRTvision Screenshot Contest.png
Creator MinecraftYoshi26
Original run June 16, 2018 -
Based on Eurovision Song Contest
MRT Screenshot Contest
Producer MinecraftYoshi26
No. of contests 7
For the upcoming contest, see MRTvision Screenshot Contest 7.

The MRTvision Screenshot Contest is a server-wide screenshot competition held among the cities of the MRT server. Each participating city submits an original screenshot to be shared publicly, then all participants and the public casts votes for the other cities' screenshots to determine the winner. All ranked cities are currently eligible to compete as long as they meet the requirements.


In 2015, the first MRTvision contest was held, where the competition mirrored that of the Eurovision Song Contest with members singing. In 2018, MinecraftYoshi26 became more interested in the Eurovision Song Contest wanted to create a contest that brought the Eurovision Song Contest to the server where everyone could partake, regardless of singing abilities. He ultimately came up with the idea of mixing the Eurovision Song Contest's style of voting and other aspects with the MRT Screenshot Contest. The concept was finalized at the General Staff Meeting on June 16, 2018.


Elecna Bay's screenshot in the third contest featured the website's carousel

Participant cities submit original screenshots, all to be shown to the public. Renders are accepted. A "city" as a participant is represented by one member: typically and preferred, but not always, that city's mayor. City-states may participate to embody many cities; however, any cities in that city-state may not partake. A player may only represent one city and have one final screenshot.

During a specified period, the cities' participants then proceed to cast votes for the other cities' screenshots: participants are not allowed to vote for their own screenshot. At the end of the designated voting period, the screenshot with the most points is declared as the winner. The winner receives the prestige of having won, hosting or choosing the next competition's venue for the ceremony, influencing the slogan, and between $3,000 and $5,000. Second place receives $2,000 (formerly $3,000 for the first contest) and third place receives $1,000. For the first two contests, top 12 are featured on the website. From the third contest on, the top 10 were featured on the website.

A qualification round, known as the semi-final, was introduced for the third contest. The highest-placed screenshots from the semi-final qualified for the grand final, while the lower-placed screenshots were eliminated.

In each of the semi-finals the voting is conducted among those cities which participate in that semi-final. With regard to the automatic grand final qualifier, the prior winner, votes in both semi-finals. The public may not vote in the semi-finals, as that is closed to participants only.

The top 10 cities which receive the most votes in each semi-final qualify for the grand final. The qualifiers are announced by the presenter in a random order. Full voting results are withheld until after the final.

The contest is held approximately every three to six months.


Cities may choose to join by filling out the provided form to join before the deadline. From the first to the fourth contest, cities confirmed their participation to the producer(s) to join. The city must be on the New World and have a flag. Members who opt to run under a city-state must have at least one of the city-state's constituent cities must be on the New World. The city also must be ranked; however, there is some flexibility. For members who own a town that is unranked and have no other ranked towns, they may enter their town as long as they fit the other requirements. If a member does not have any towns, then they may represent someone else's town. For example, _Kastle owns Covina and Whitechapel, but could only represent one and have SilverWolv, who does not own a town on the server, represent another. Such is allowed specifically as an option only for members who do not own towns. In certain circumstances, the mayor of a town can elect their deputy mayor to represent their city.

All entrants receive between $10 to $20 for full participation by voting, regardless of placement.

As of the sixth contest, 78 cities with 73 members have participated at least once. The cities are listed here alongside the contest in which they made their debut:

Contest City making its debut entry
1 Aprix[a], Arbatskaya Moscow[b], City-State of Kitania, Covina, Coruscant, Deadbush, Eagleshore, Eden, Elecna Bay, Espil, Kessler, Lacledic Republic, Marblegate, Murrville, New Bakersville City, New Woodbury, Nymphalia, Oasis Sands, Peripotamia, Quiris, Radiance Square, Rank Resort, Richville, Segville, Seoland, Silver Mountain, Utopia, Waverly, Wazamawazi, West Calbar, Whiteley, Woodsdale
2 Bawktown, Birchwood, Cactus River, Carnoustie, Fort Yaxier, Kevtropolis, Kyoto, Pixl, Secunda, Sunshine Coast
3 Arcadia, Christi, Euphorial, Lakestead, Larkspur, New Amsterdam, Onemalu, PMW City, Venceslo, Verdantium, Victoria
4 Achowalogen Takachsin, Fernar City, Hamblin, Moramoa, Nymphic Union[c], Spruce Valley, Storalia, Tokyo
5 Bahia[d], Boston, Courtbush, New Genisys, Redwood, Republic of Formosa[e], Sylvania, Titsensaki, Waterville
6 Foresne, Geneva Bay, Gillmont, Lapis Bay, PhoenixVille, Sansvikk, Santa Abeja, Skogheim, Totem Beach, Tranquil Forest, Wenyanga
a. ^ Before Aprix was renamed in 2019, it was presented as Sulfureal Lakes.
b. ^ Before Arbatskaya Moscow was renamed in 2020, it was presented as Hanamura.
c. ^ Before the creation of the Nymphic Union in 2019, Nymphalia ran as a city. SoaPuffball, the mayor of Nymphalia, opted to run as the state, which included Nymphalia, rather than the singluar town.
d. ^ Before the creation of Bahia in 2019, Sunshine Coast ran as a city. Echohue, the mayor of Sunshine Coast, opted to run as the state, which included Sunshine Coast, rather than the singluar town.
e. ^ Before the fifth contest, Fort Yaxier ran as a city. camelfantasy, the mayor of Fort Yaxier, opted to run as the republic, which included Fort Yaxier, rather than the singluar town.


Host city and venue

Beginning in the second contest, the winning city typically hosts the following contest. The venue is required to have a stage, seating for viewers, and an optional location for a camera. Host cities and venues have sometimes been chosen from a pre-released list of venues in all New World towns owned by the winner of the previous contest. Some venues have been built as a direct result of the contest, including the Champion's Bowl in Arcadia.

The only city to have hosted the contest twice is Arcadia in fifth and sixth contest.

Logo, slogan, and identity

The original logo used from the first contest to sixth contest

The original contest was proposed with all screenshots required to be taken in the prior winning town; however, after GSM discussion, this was removed before the first contest occurred. Before the second contest, MinecraftYoshi26 and host city owner Cortesi discussed a possible idea of a theme for all screenshots. After a poll was put on Discord, it was decided that there would be no theme. Though the poll showed a slight majority wanted a theme, MinecraftYoshi26 stated that they had came to this decision because they "want to not limit the people participating and avoid people from complaining their photo was rejected on the grounds of not fitting the theme".

Each contest's logo contains the generic MRTvision Screenshot Contest logo often with another design. The slogan are typically used to plan and formulate the show's visual identity, including the logo, broadcast, and scoreboard coloring.

Each slogan and color palettes used in the contests are listed below:

No. Host city Slogan Color palette
1 Flag of Central City.png Central City Celebrating Six Years
2 Flag of Murrville v1.png Murrville Show Us What You've Got
3 Flag of Wazamawazi.png Wazamawazi One Of A Kind
4 Flag of Fort Yaxier.png Fort Yaxier A Visual Symphony
5 Flag of Arcadia.png Arcadia Worth A Thousand Words
6 Flag of Arcadia.png Arcadia Hub For Inspiration
7 Flag of Airchester.png Airchester Looking Back



FredTheTimeLord, competing under the town of Boston in the sixth contest, took this photo of the town on a copy of the New World on single player.

The screenshots can be of anywhere on the MRT server, not just the town that a participant represents. Editing photos, such as photoshopping or using Lightroom, is not allowed; however, using texture packs that do not majorly alter the photo's contents and shaders are allowed. The screenshot may contain any subjects (including structures, towns, cities, landscapes, players, mobs, etc.), as long as it is within server rules. The Heads-Up Display (HUD) must be hidden in submissions. Screenshots are allowed to be rejected on any grounds by the producers.

Screenshots are allowed to be taken off server on a copy of the MRT world or on the beta server; however, the locations must not drastically different than its counterpart on the main server unless explicitly exempted by production.

Each city is allowed to re-submit their entry up to two times after their initial submission during the submission period. Cities would be given approximately two to three weeks of finding a screenshot and submitting it.

Old screenshots are allowed to be submitted as long as they have not been released publicly before. The city's designated photographer can only submit a screenshot taken by them.


The scoreboard used in the fifth contest, with MinecraftYoshi26 announcing the votes from Bahia

Each participant is required to award a set of 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 top screenshots. The public may also vote by filling out the voting form. Public voters must be at least of the member rank. Entrants may not vote for themselves. Players having someone else represent their city may not vote for their own city, but can vote for others as a public voter. The public may not vote in the semi-finals, as that is closed to participants only. Non-qualifiers were required to vote in the final as a participant for the third to fourth contest; however, this changed in the fifth contest with non-qualifiers no longer being required to vote in the final. If a non-qualifier wants to vote in the final, they are allowed to as a member of the public.

Voting based off of photographer solely is implicitly not allowed. Participants may not be penalized by doing so. Plotting with a group or in large scale to sway the votes is not allowed. Bribing for votes is also prohibited. Participants may not purposefully vote for what they deem as the 'worst' screenshots to get ahead.

Each city receives a draw number to which is used on the voting form.

Beginning in the sixth contest, in ties for any placement, the submission that received points from the most different voters get the higher placement. If there is a tie within that, the submission with more 12 points gets the higher placement. If there is a tie in that, then it goes to the submission with more 10 points, all the way down to 1 point. If the cities have the same point breakdown, the later in the draw order is given the higher placement. In the fifth contest and prior, ties were decided without consideration of the number of voters and instead through the amount of 12 points, then 10 points, then so on.


No. Final Host city Winner Photographer Screenshot Location Points Margin Runner-up Third place
1 July 8, 2018 Flag of Central City.png Central City Flag of Murrville v1.png Murrville Cortesi "After the Party" Daneburg 280 40 Flag of Kessler.png Kessler Flag of Covina.png Covina
2 December 1, 2018 Flag of Murrville v1.png Murrville Flag of Wazamawazi.png Wazamawazi autobus22 "Golf at the Savannah Oasis" Bexley 365 15 Flag of Secunda.png Secunda Flag of Covina.png Covina
3 March 30, 2019 Flag of Wazamawazi.png Wazamawazi Flag of Fort Yaxier.png Fort Yaxier camelfantasy "One Summer's Day" Aeolia 404 27 Flag of Victoria.png Victoria Flag of Elecna Bay.png Elecna Bay
4 July 27, 2019 Flag of Fort Yaxier.png Fort Yaxier Flag of Arcadia.png Arcadia lil_shadow59 "Parks and Recreation" Arcadia 423 4 Flag of Moramoa.png Moramoa Flag of Murrville v1.png Murrville
5 November 16, 2019 Flag of Arcadia.png Arcadia Flag of Arcadia.png Arcadia lil_shadow59 "15 Million Tons of Economic Power" Arcadia 294 103 Flag of Spruce Valley.png Spruce Valley Flag of Laclede.png Lacledic Republic
6 May 8, 2020 Flag of Arcadia.png Arcadia Flag of Murrville.png Murrville RacCort "Work Starts at Dusk" Anthro Island 221 21 Flag of Covina.png Covina Flag of Peripotamia.png Peripotamia
7 August 15/16, 2020 Flag of Airchester.png Airchester TBD