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MRTvision Screenshot Contest 2

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MRTvision Screenshot Contest 2
MRTvision Screenshot Contest 2.png
Show Us What You've Got
Venue PAW Center, Murrville
Producer MinecraftYoshi26
Join period November 1, 2018 - November 15, 2018
Final December 1, 2018
Number of entries 31 (to date)
Debuting cities Flag of Bawktown.png Bawktown
Flag of Birchwood.png Birchwood
Flag of Cactus River.png Cactus River
Flag of Carnoustie.png Carnoustie
Flag of Fort Yaxier.png Fort Yaxier
Flag of Kevtropolis.png Kevtropolis
Flag of Kyoto.png Kyoto
Flag of Pixl.png Pixl
Flag of Secunda.png Secunda
Flag of Sunshine Coast.png Sunshine Coast
Withdrawing cities Flag of Coruscant.png Coruscant
Flag of Deadbush.png Deadbush
Flag of Eagleshore.png Eagleshore
Flag of Eden.png Eden
Flag of Marblegate.png Marblegate
Flag of Nymphalia.png Nymphalia
Flag of Woodsdale.png Woodsdale
Voting system Each city and willing non-participants award a set of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favorite screenshots, respectively
Contest chronologically
← 1MRTvision Screenshot Contest

The MRTvision Screenshot Contest 2 is the ongoing second edition of the MRTvision Screenshot Contest. The contest is the original MRT Screenshot Contest with Eurovision style voting and representation. The ceremony is set to place in Murrville, following Cortesi's win at the first contest with the screenshot "After The Party". The contest's results ceremony will be in Murrville. The contest debuted on November 1, 2018. The slogan is Show Us What You've Got. The winner is set to be revealed on December 1, 2018 at the PAW Center in Murrville.

As of November 14, 2018, 31 cities have confirmed their intentions to participate in the contest and 29 of those cities have made a submission.


The contest was announced on the wiki on October 28, 2018. The slogan and logo were revealed on October 30, 2018.


The venue of the contest, PAW Center in northeastern Murrville.

The contest's results ceremony took place for the first time in Murrville, following the city's victory in the previous edition with the screenshot "After The Party", taken by Cortesi.

The PAW Center in Murrville is a two-story building that was furnished exclusively for the contest and has a capacity of 63 attendees. It is the only venue of its kind in Murrville. It is located across from the Color Market in the northeastern Murrville. It sits adjacent to a river in the, at the time, newly developed area in Murrville.


Per usual, the contest features members representing cities, each submitting a screenshot to be voted on by the participants and the willing public. Each city and willing non-participants award a set of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favorite screenshots, respectively. Each participant is required to vote, or may face disqualification or being banned from participating in future contests.

Through a poll on Discord and discussion between MinecraftYoshi26 and Cortesi, it was decided that there would be no theme. Though the poll showed a slight majority wanted a theme, MinecraftYoshi26 stated that they had came to this decision because they "want to not limit the people participating and avoid people from complaining their photo was rejected on the grounds of not fitting the theme."

The deadline to join and send in a screenshot is set on November 15, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. UTC. The draw is selected and voting is open immediately after. The winner will able to influence the slogan for the next contest, choose the next host city, and receive $3,000. Second place will receive $2,000. Third place will receive $1,000. All other competitors are set to receive a $10 participation stipend.

On November 1, 2018, the rules were slightly changed to allow members with only an unranked cities to participate under that city, rather than having to represent someone else's.

Participating cities

All of the screenshots are seen together on a public Google Folder.

     Second place
     Third place
     Non-top three placement featured on the website

The following cities have expressed their provisional interest in participating in the contest:

Draw City Photographer Screenshot City photographed Place Points
Flag of Bawktown.png Bawktown FooteChicken "A Lesser Known Town" Watchfield
Flag of Birchwood.png Birchwood Conric005 "Halua Island at Noon" Halua Island
Flag of Cactus River.png Cactus River SkyjumperTalon "The Boardwalk" Quiris
Flag of Carnoustie.png Carnoustie CaptainObi "Fall Fever" Carnoustie
Flag of City-State of Kitania.png City-State of Kitania KittyCat11231 "At The Office" Central City
Flag of Covina.png Covina _Kastle
Flag of Elecna Bay.png Elecna Bay mine_man_ "Home on Water's Edge" Inchmuir
Flag of Espil.png Espil EspiDev "city. plan." Espil
Flag of Fort Yaxier.png Fort Yaxier camelfantasy "Retreat" Fort Yaxier
Flag of Hanamura.png Hanamura MikeRoma "All Summer in a Day" Hanamura
Flag of Kessler.png Kessler lalaboy "Walk in the Park" Banana
Flag of Kevtropolis.png Kevtropolis mi_aquamarine "Rain in the Forest" Kevtropolis
Flag of Kyoto.png Kyoto 0x10 "Skyline" Deadbush
Flag of Laclede.png Lacledic Republic jphgolf4321 "Where It All Began" Spawn City
Flag of Murrville.png Murrville Cortesi "Waiting for Winter" Central City
Flag of New Woodbury.png New Woodbury AlfiePops "Sunset by the Campfire" New Woodbury
Flag of Oasis Sands.png Oasis Sands ConnConn2005 "The Season of Holidays" Oasis Sands
Flag of Peripotamia.png Peripotamia Cookie46910 "May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor" Nonea
Flag of Pixl.png Pixl Seshpenguin "In the distance." Pixl
Flag of Quiris.png Quiris _HeavenAngel_ "Kessler at Night" Kessler
Flag of Radiance Square.png Radiance Square MindBender15 "It's a Beautiful Morning for Baseball!" Radiance Square
Flag of Rank Resort.png Rank Resort megascatterbomb "The Shadows of Thunderbird" Thunderbird
Flag of Richville.png Richville woorich999 "A Day In San Reinoldi" San Reinoldi
Flag of Secunda.png Secunda _Mossie "Maverick Bridge Sunset" Verdantium
Flag of Segville.png Segville godzilltrain "Sun on the Hill" Arisa
Flag of Seoland.png Seoland CodyHM
Flag of Sunshine Coast.png Sunshine Coast Gran_Cacto "Hurricane" Sunshine Coast
Flag of Utopia.png Utopia Narnia17 "Sunset at the Federation" Central City
Flag of Waverly.png Waverly cal76 "Under the City" Waverly
Flag of Wazamawazi.png Wazamawazi autobus22 "Golf at the Savannah Oasis" Bexley
Flag of West Calbar.png West Calbar sesese9 "Refreshing Inspiration" West Calbar


a. ^ The screenshot was taken on the Games World.



12 points

Other cities

Past participants

  • Flag of Coruscant.png Coruscant – On November 2, 2018, SilverBubble stated that he was busy with a project of his own and declined participation.
  • Flag of Deadbush.png Deadbush – On November 1, 2018, MojangChan acknowledged the contest but stated that he would "think about it" and has not officially declared participation. On November 7, 2018, he explicitly stated that he would not participate.
  • Flag of Eagleshore.png Eagleshore – In the events channel on Discord on November 1, 2018, SkyjumperTalon indicated that he would be representing Cactus River. A day later, he officially declared his participation under Cactus River and thus there was no representative for Eagleshore, resulting in its withdrawal.
  • Flag of Eden.png Eden – On November 2, 2018, shadowboarder stated that he is currently "very busy and unable to participate" but also noted that he "look[s] forward to any future MRTvision contests."
  • Flag of Marblegate.png Marblegate – On November 3, 2018, Just_robinho declined to participate, as he stated he was currently busy with life.
  • Flag of New Bakersville City.png New Bakersville City – On November 2, 2018, FredTheTimeLord acknowledged the contest but did not confirm his participation and stated that he would give his decision later, as he was busy. He has yet to officially declare his intent to participate or not.
  • Flag of Nymphalia.png Nymphalia – On November 8, 2018, SoaPuffball stated that he is "planning to on Saturday," referring to November 10, 2018, when inquired about his participation. He officially stated he would be "skipping the event" on November 11, 2018 and thus withdrew.
  • Flag of Woodsdale.png Woodsdale – On November 2, 2018, Hightech_TR stated that he "might give it a miss" since he had exams and declined to partake. Furthermore, he added that he "really appreciate[s] the effort to run a contest like this."

The following cities participated in the last contest, but have not yet made any announcement regarding their participation in this contest.

New participants

  • Flag of Verdantium.png Verdantium – On November 1, 2018, CaptainChimpy stated that "[p]articipating under the flag of Verdantium is under consideration" and has not confirmed his participation yet due to "time constraints." After being reminded about the contest on November 7, 2018 in the Discord, he stated that he would not to participate, but would be open to participating in future contests.