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CEOs Yellowitcher, Camelfantasy
Lines Information
Number of Lines 5 (Planned)

MagneLink is a warptrain rail company founded by Yellowitcher and Camelfantasy. The original line came from a Xilia-Formosa maglev link, and has since been expanded into a rail company that builds maglev links between cities. On October 15th, 2016, the company became a part of High Speed Rail Corporation.

Proposed Lines

Ishikawa Maglev

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png NPN New Phoenix North (planned)  C4 
Dynmap Pin.png NPS New Phoenix South (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png MER Merchant City (planned)  XE8  ,  Marina Shuttle 

Akita Maglev

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png LAN Lanark East (planned)  C113 
Dynmap Pin.png SPH Spruce Hills (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png FUR Furling (planned) No connections

Formosa Skylink

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png FS1 Formosa North (closed)  XW6 
Dynmap Pin.png FS2 UCWTIA West (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png FS3 UCWTIA East (planned) No connections

Floating Stock

Class Picture Type In service Formation Used on Notes
L0 Series L0.JPG Superconducting Magnetic Levitation Not yet 3 cars: Tc-M-Tc  Akita Maglev 
ECOBEE ECOBEE 2.jpg Electromagnetic Suspension with Linear Induction Motor Propulsion Not yet 3 cars: M-T-M
6 cars: M-T-Tc-Tc-T-M
 Ishikawa Maglev   Formosa Skylink  ECOBEE trains can be connected to form longer trains, and can separate or connect to each other at any station, en route, within a short time.


  • Tc: driving trailer (end car without motor)
  • T: trailer (intermediate car without motor)
  • M: motor car
  • Mp: motor car with pantograph