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Flag of Malosa.png
Flag of Malosa
Town Officials
Mayor ArizTrad
Deputy Mayor MinecraftYoshi26
Boat Hummingbird Boat Lines
Rail RailNorth
Facts and Figures
Founded February 29, 2020
Town Hall Coordinates 17289, 64, -22053
Rank Councillor

Malosa is an Councillor town in northeastern Zeta on the New World. It sits on Lake 33. Its nearest neighbor is Celina.

Malosa is inspired by Malta and Miami, and heavily draws from their architecture.

The city will have a tram system. The tram is the main way to get around Malosa as most motorized vehicles are banned from the streets. The city is very walkable.


Malosa was founded on February 29th, 2020, the day the Zeta expansion opened. It was originally planned to be a strictly Maltese themed town, with few skyscrapers and mostly quaint streets. ArizTrad built a sample street in his lab.

However, once the City Hall, surrounding square, and first block were built, ArizTrad wanted the town to be more urbanized. So, he decided to put skyscrapers on top of each block. This way, two different styles could be combined to create a unique atmosphere.

The Malosa Ferry Terminal was built in early May 2020 to accomodate three Hummingbird Boat Lines boats.


Condo District

Malosa's Condo District surrounds City Hall. Tall, modern condo buildings make up the skyline. These condo buildings were built on top of the previous traditional sandstone shop and apartment blocks.


Il-Kara is an incorporated village on top of a plateau north of the Condo District. It has narrow, winding streets and small, traditional buildings clustered together. It will house a large Catholic chapel. A cable car service exists from Rampart North to Il-Kara. The village is partly inspired by the Itokani island of Koroturaga.

Rampart Beach

Rampart Beach is the main beach in Malosa. It is made up of the North and South Beach. It forms a small bay where Malosa's port is. Rampart Beach is a favorite among both residents and tourists, and attracts large crowds almost all year long. Swimming and relaxing are of course favorites but The Coast shopping centre on the North Beach also offers casual shopping and dining, while the South Beach will offer a more upscale experience. An underwater pedestrian tunnel is planned between the North and South Beaches.

St. Stephen Island

St. Stephen Island is a medium-sized island which houses Rampart South. The island will have many activites for more upscale tourists, such as resorts and high-class shopping.


The main ways of intracity transit in Malosa are walking, biking, and the tram. Motor vehicles apart from emergency services are banned from Malosa's streets. Currently, Hummingbird Boat Lines and RailNorth are the only forms of intercity transit. In the future, the Transit League hopes to construct more air and train facilities.

Malosa Tram

Rampart North (planned)

Ferry Terminal (planned)

City Hall (planned)

Hummingbird Boat Lines

 33  Bouvardia Line - Biwabik, Celina, New Mackinaw

 42  Moonflower Line - Marisol, Moramoa, MRT Marina

 49  Magnolia Line - Itokani, Kanto, Sand


RailNorth One - Tulipsburg