Mason City

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Mason City
Deputy Mayor_Kastle
City recognition
Date foundedOctober 4th, 2014
Town hall coordinates5900, 64, -3580
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 3
MRT C12  Mason City
Air facilitiesMason City International Airport

Mason City (often abbreviated to MC or Mason) is located at C12 and the mayor is AlfiePops. It was founded on October 4th when the new world was launched. Once the city was promoted to Councillor status, Tarheelscouse was promoted to deputy mayor. After the inauguration of Tarheelscouse, On November 4th, Mason City became a Mayor qualifying city.

A map of Mason City including landmarks and MetroMason


Western Island was Mason City's first island, and had many of the initial ten builds. The island was connected to Downtown Island by the Fairfax Bridge on October 5th. On West Street, the franchise Mason City's West Street Bakery has its first location. [ Downtown Island was Mason City's second district and features commercial development. Downtown Island is not actually an island, but a peninsula. The MRT and Gare Du Saint Roux can be accessed here. DuPont Circle is a major intersection of three streets: Lance-Campbell Avenue, DuPont Street, and Vienna Avenue. Columbus Tower and The Music3_0 Buildings overlook DuPont Circle. Parliament Island was Mason City's third district. Parliament Island has Embassies, luxury apartments, and government buildings in european architecture. Many franchises, theaters, and apartments are on this island. The Mason Heights area is abundant with Apartments, Single Family Homes, and Offices. Mason Heights' two major streets are DuPont Street and Fairmont Street.

Mason City Parliament.png MC Downtown.png



  • 1200AD- Mason is founded as small port town for sailers on their way to Whitechapel.
  • 1450AD- A prominent family in Mason (the Redties) take power and turn the town into a powerful kingdom, Masonia.
  • 1500AD- Masonia is the wealthiest and most powerful kingdom on the MRT. Main exports include olive oil and wine. Territory is now over 300sq miles
  • 1623AD- The main rivals of the Redtie family, the Rainbows, banish the Redties to the edges of the kingdom. Now known as modern day Appleton. The Rainbows take control while the Redties form a new kingdom called Appletonia.
  • 1700AD- Rainbows' weak ruling leads Masonia to shrink by nearly 3/4 due to frequent losses in war and conflict.
  • 1789AD- Masonia was nearly the size of current Mason City. A great fire devastates the city, leaving Parliament Island as the only survivor. King Melon T. Rainbow pioneers reconstruction of the city and downtown peninsula.
  • 1837AD- Masonia's formerly isolationist strategy is broken by the signing of the Treaty of Cyra, in which Masonia reestablished connections with Appleton.
  • 1911AD- An economic boom is experienced after the construction of a new port, leading to new universities, companies, and factories.
  • 1929AD- The stock market crash temporarily halts Mason City's growth. This time of downturn is corrected by the adding of new services for citizens, including the addition of jobs by projects to improve infrastructure.
  • 1973AD- Masonia begins to be called more frequently by its informal name, Mason City.
  • 1994AD- Mason City founds its Board of Tourism, leading to new museums, beaches, and hotels.
  • 2003AD- Continued growth of new Downtown features skyscrapers and modern constructions.
  • 2014AD- Mason City joins EAST as a sign of its changing relationships with other cities.
  • 2015AD- Mason City joins League of Cities in order to promote peach and conflict resolution.
  • 2016AD- Despite the dissolution of League of Cities, Mason City centers itself as a headquarters for global diplomacy with the addition of a new embassy row.

Historic Royalty

Note: Work in progress

Redtie Dynasty

Monarch Spouse Time Period
King ABC Redtie Queen 123 Bluebow of Whitechapel 1450-1473
King DEF Redtie Queen Triangle of Formosa 1473-1499
King GHI Redtie Queen Hexagon of Formosa 1499-1503
King JKL Redtie Queen 789 Greenbow of Whitechapel 1503-1567
King MNO Redtie Queen Cupcake of Huntington 1568-1581
King QRS Redtie Queen Orly of Saint Roux 1581-1622
King TUV Redtie Queen DeGaulle of Saint Roux 1622-1623

Fruit Dynasty

Monarch Spouse Time Period
King Orange Jubilee Queen Possum of Airchester 1623-1627
Queen Watermelon Jubilee Prince Racoon of Airchester 1627-1639
King Pear Jubilee Queen Danube Bank of Daneburg 1639-1646
King Lemon Jubilee Queen Blue of Whitely 1646-1649
Queen Strawberry Jubilee Never married 1649-1672
King Orange Jubilee II Queen ny77 of Waverly 1691-1699
King Orange Jubilee III Queen Vienna of Masonia 1691-1699
Queen Lime Jubilee Prince Miguel of Masonia 1691-1699
King Orange Jubilee IV Queen Smae of Oakley 1699-1724
King Orange Jubilee V Queen Green of Whitely 1725-1752
King Orange Jubilee VI Queen Rainbow of New Kiwi City 1753-1754

Rainbow Dynasty

Monarch Spouse Time Period
Queen Rainbow of New Kiwi City King Orange Jubilee VI (deceased) 1754-1766
King Melon Rainbow Queen Maria Wilson of Masonia 1766-1787
King Melon T. Rainbow Queen Anna of Falloway 1787-1803
King Melon Rainbow III Queen HistoricArt of Izumo 1803-1835
Queen Blueberry Rainbow Prince Campbell of Masonia 1835-1851
King Lime Rainbow Queen Holiday of Masonia 1851-1883
King Lime Rainbow II Queen Avocado Langford of Masonia 1884-1909
King Lime Rainbow III Queen Carrot Lance of Masonia 1909-1928
King Lime Rainbow IV Queen Vienna II of Masonia 1928-1939
King Pear Rainbow Queen Barcelona of Masonia 1939-1973
Queen Blueberry Rainbow II Prince Dupont of Masonia 1973-1995
King Kiwi Rainbow Himself 1995-



Mason City is lead by a Mayor with chief authority. This position is held by Kiwirainbow and will be retained permanently unless determined otherwise by him . The Mayor has a variety of advisors that help him make decisions, each with their own powers.

Advisors to the Mayor of Mason City (Note: Listed in order of succession)

Position Player Name Length of Service
Deputy Mayor tarheelscouse 2015-2018
Deputy Mayor _Kastle 2018-
Town Councillor hntredtie 2016-2018
Head of Defense camelfantasy 2016-

Foreign Affairs

The area of foreign affairs is dealt with by the State Department of Mason City. This branch of government is lead by the Mayor and deals with relationships between other cities and states. Currently, the department maintains a neutral stance on most issues and strives to maintain peace throughout the MRT. This is accomplished through building embassies, talks with other leaders, and participation in other organizations that maintain similar values to Mason City. The headquarters of the State Department is located in Embassy Square on Parliament Island. For more information visit: The State Department of Mason City.


Mason City currently holds no form of military.

Arts and Culture


Mason City has a variety of museums focusing on both art and history. The Mason City Museum of Fine Art features a variety of sculptures and paintings dating as far back as the 1240s, all free of charge. On the other hand, The Mason City Museum for Modern Art highlights more contemporary works from local residents. The Mason Museum focuses on the fascinating in-depth history of Mason City, showcasing artifacts and a historic arms exhibit.


The following is a list of theaters and their classification in Mason City.

Theater Location Classification
The Michigan Stage Michigan Avenue (Downtown) Off-District (50 seats or less)
The Jubilee Theater Jubilee Avenue (Downtown) District
The Studio 101 Theater Pond Street District
The Basement Studio @ Pond Street Pond Street Off-Off-District (25 seats or less)
The Lakeshore Theater Park Avenue Off-Off-District (25 seats or less)
The BTBank Theater Michigan Avenue District
The Schwab Stage at the Astor Stages Carneglie Lane Off-Off-District (25 seats or less)
The Gates Theater at the Astor Stages Carnegie Lane Off-District (50 seats or less)


Gare De Saint Roux

Gare de Saint Roux services all rail lines in Mason City that travel in the North-South direction. MetroMason's Park Line (Fairmont Street, Parliament Island) and River Line (Western Island, Gare de Daneberg) serve here.

Mason City Santa Lucia

Mason City Santa Lucia is scheduled to serve all rail lines in Mason City that travel in the East-West direction. MetroMason's River Line is planned to terminate here, as is ConnectEAST's yellow and blue lines.

Gare de Daneburg

Mason City Gare de Daneburg services all of Mason City's southbound warp-trains. The station is the largest in the city, stretching all the way to C13.

Gare de Mason City Est/Aerport

Gare de Mason City Est/Aerport services Mason City International Airport. It handles the Airport Express bound for Gare de Daneburg as well as SmartRail and IntraRail.


Park Line

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png MP1 Michigan Avenue (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png MP2 Fairmont Street (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png MP3 Rockefeller University
Dynmap Green Flag.png MP4 Mason Park
Dynmap Green Flag.png MP5 Gare de Saint Roux  River 
Dynmap Green Flag.png MP6 Parliament Island  River 

River Line

Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png MR1 Western Island
Dynmap Green Flag.png MR2 Gare de Saint Roux  Park 
Dynmap Green Flag.png MR3 Parliament Island  Park 
Dynmap Pin.png MR4 Santa Lucia (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png MR5 Industrial Boulevard (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png MR6 Airport (planned)


Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png DL1 Gare de Daneburg transfers available to Gare de Saint Roux
Dynmap Green Flag.png DL2 Gare de Mason City Est/Aerport  Park 
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