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City of Mecklenburg
Irlèm iy Mhëglenbire
2016-01-05 17.46.30.png
Town Officials
Mayor Tarheelscouse
Deputy Mayor AP_Red
MRT Use  C78  Daneburg or  M18  Kolpino
Bus PEI Buses
Other transit Pacifica
PEI Metro
LYNX Tram Systems
Facts and Figures
Town Hall Coordinates -5000, 65, 4180
Founded Feb 2015
Official Language(s) English and Émade
World Gamma

Se pous wiki an at anglis. Émadious geins var ys infos hêdils ai Darlèm, huo-t-heutér madrein.

Mecklenburg is a small town in the southwestern Gamma World, just east of Daneburg.

Mecklenburg was founded in late February, 2015 by Tarheelscouse. Of modest size, and built primarily in Neo-Renaissance style, it is known best for its bilingual status (the town caters fully to speakers of English and Émade) and for the Mecklenburg Central Station, which serves it. The town was also the birthplace of the MRTGAMA movement, and is home to the first ever Support Institute thereof.


Mecklenburg was founded in the northwest of the server, just north of  T15  Tetrapolis, where it grew slowly, soon playing host to the expanding Pacifica network. Following a suggestion from BaronTB, however, Mecklenburg was transplanted into its current location. Some of the old town remains, untouched, in its original place, with Kekkomatic acting as caretaker.

In its new place, Mecklenburg soon found itself squeezed in between a number of important transit projects. It overlooks the Kolpino Canal, has a number of rail connections operating and planned, and is planning bus and tram connections to nearby cities.

As the town slowly grew, more business-oriented buildings started to sprout in the skyline. Many server-wide brands and corporations now have offices and branches in Mecklenburg, including the Under Score Corporation, MRTGAMA and Buy n Large.


PEI Buses around the City Centre

Mecklenburg is well served by public and private transit systems. The majority of transit infrastructure is maintained by PEI, a government subsidiary.

Road Transit

The main road in Mecklenburg is route C74, signed within the town as Greyer Street and Ilton Avenue. It runs east-west through the city centre and around Canada Gardens. In future, it will likely to extended to connect to neighbouring towns and arterial roads.

Rail Transit

The Main Concourse of Mecklenburg Central Station

Mecklenburg Central Station is the primary station for the city, though others are easily accessible (notably Daneburg East). The only service currently operating through the station is RaiLinQ service number ST5500, runnning between Kolpino and Pamsterlin. Mecklenburg Central also provides easy interchange to the municipal metro, signed under PEI Metro. Central is a key station on the city network, is on Line [4], and is in ticketing zone 1. Monument station adjoins the complex, served by Line [2].

A secondary station serving the east of the city is currently under construction.

Municipal Bus

Mecklenburg is well served by the municipal bus operator, PEI Buses. Three lines are currently in partial service around the city centre.

Local Government

Local legislative power is vested in Tarheelscouse as Mayor of the town, but he is advised and assisted by the Council of Mecklenburg, a six-member council elected democratically by residents and business owners.

The current makeup of the council is as follows:

Seat name VPS Areas Covered Member Party
Bass Ganada & Ilton MG7 1, MG7 2 Mine man SDP
Y Caen MG7 1, MG7 3 Yellowitcher Green
Y Greir & Mëglenbire Mera MG7 4 MeetMeInSpace SDP
Ys Eais MG7 8 JohnNotTech SDP
Maen'iy Mheiref MG7 3, MG7 6 DJMC2000 Labour
Hepden & Stonewall MG7 3, MG7 4 Cal76 SDP