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Additional Information
Number of Stores5
FoundedFebruary 27th, 2021
HeadquartersDow Jones Tower in New Mackinaw
Parent CompanyDow Jones Company

Menards is a New Mackinaw-based convenience store based off of the Midwestern home and garden store of the same name. Menards is owned by the Dow Jones Company.


City Name Nearest MRT Store Type Number of Location
Shadowpoint  C6  Shadowpoint-Birch Coast Station Small 1
Beachview N/A Small 2
Scarborough  P22  Scarborough - East Calbar Small 3
Aston  WN53  Aston Small 4
Central City  X0  Central Park Vending Machine Fair 5
Waterville  A22  Waterville - Downtown Small 6
Waterville  A23  Waterville - Old Town Small 7
Biwabik N/A Vending Machine Fair 8
Caravaca N/A Small Custom 9
Miu Wan N/A Small Custom 10
Cardinal Bay N/A Small 11