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Merchant City

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Merchant City
Town Officials
Mayor Technological99
Deputy Mayor Kiwish_thing
MRT  XE8  Merchant City Along with Marina Shuttle to MRT Marina
Other transit  MCR   MCY  ConnectEAST Blue & Gold along with Citirail, Regional Connect and KTA Commuter Rail
Facts and Figures
Founded 7/10/2014
Town Rank Mayor
World New


Merchant City is a Large Town / Small City developing west of spawn. The City is located on the Expo east line, Station code: XE8. The main station for the Marina Shuttle. The town started off as Merchant City and consisted of a small town hall. From there the city has started to grow with 2 Light Transit Systems (Lines Y and R) and a Deep Level Subway (Line B). With the new development of New Merchant City, The business district, The city is welcoming new businesses and residents.

Merchant City

Merchant City is the original town where the station is located. The area is designed for High-Class houses and not many businesses, Mainly due to the landscape of the town. The town hall is located behind the entrance to the station around the town square and next to that is the town centre with small businesses. The B line connects Merchant City to New Merchant City, The business area,

New Merchant City

New Merchant City is where all the businesses happens. Everything inside New Merchant City is designed for easy access and simplicity. All the major businesses happen within New Merchant City. within the area there is the MLT (Merchant Light Transit) R line which runs along New Merchant Street. Connecting New Merchant City to the old town is the B line which is a deep level subway.


Merchant City will soon be asigning unique Addresses to every building within the city limits. Each will get a unique Number (and sometimes a letter depending on situation). A typical address would be 1 New Merchant Rroad, ME3 1NM. The post code assigned by the Vermillion Post Code system is ME3 which covers the entire Merchant City. The 2nd half of the post code (a number followed by 2 letters) will be decided by the Merchant City post office. For more information, please ask Technological99

Merchant Tower

Merchant Tower is an Office block right in the heart of New Merchant City. Housing many offices it's ideal if you want a quiet office not far from transport

Looking at Merchant Tower from New Merchant Tower Square

Current Occupants

Floor User Company / Business
Courtyard bnsfninja Deli on the Roof
Floor 1 Carpark Merchant Tower
Floor 2 Carpark Merchant Tower
Floor 3 Reception Merchant Tower
Floor 4 Room A Empty Empty
Floor 4 Room B Empty Empty
Floor 4 Room C Empty Empty
Floor 4 Room D Empty Empty
Floor 5 Room A Empty Empty
Floor 5 Room B Empty Empty
Floor 5 Room C Empty Empty
Floor 5 Room D Empty Empty
Floor 6 Room A Technological99 Yelo Broadcasting Corp.
Floor 6 Room B Merchant City Planning & Construction Department
Floor 7 Room A Technological99 Yelo Broadcasting Corp.
Floor 7 Room B Empty Empty
Floor 8 Empty Empty
Floor 9 Kiwish_Thing N-Pot
Floor 10 Technological99 Yelo


  • 24/05/2015 - The MCY line was fully demolished to make way for a better city. The line was rarely used and unreliable. With the line removed a new road connected up Wassenaar Road with Merchant Road creating new business plots. MCY line may come back as a new metro line in the future in East Merchant City when it expands. MCY stations will still be kept in the lab world as memorials.
  • 19/10/2015 - The MCB line was fully demolished due to lack of use and functionality. Both stations at Merchant Interchange and New Merchant City will be used for the new MCY line which will open Summer 2016 and link West to South. The tunnels that the MCB line ran on will be kept and preserved. MCB station in Merchant Interchange will be upgraded for the MCY line while a new station in New Merchant City will be built within the concourse.
  • 2017 - Merchant Interchange overhaul. Demolition followed by a complete rebuild of the station to modern standards. Merchant Bus Station followed in the same path.


Merchant City is easily accessible by road connecting to Central City via the A3 and the A1 via the Merchant Interchange. The Merchant Interchange will eventually connect the A3 up with the Marina Highway (A vital road link to MRT's ports) and to the future South Merchant Airport (Planned for Winter 2016) it will be a vital junction for the city.


Merchant City operates a no park policy where drivers are forbidden to park on road side anywhere within the business district of the city. (On street parking is allowed in residential areas). In Merchant City there is carparks located around the city for your convenience. Also, Merchant City Park & Ride with handy rail links to the city center to reduce traffic. Here you will find a list of the various car parks in Merchant City:

  • Merchant City P&R, located east side of Marina Highway - ### Spaces
  • Wassenaar Road car park, located next to Catronics - 20 Spaces
  • Merchant Tower underground car park, located next to Merchant Tower - 40 Spaces
  • Merchant Concert Hall multi-story car park, located next to Merchant Concert Hall - 150 spaces


Merchant City is served by a small bus station

Gate Number Transit Company Route Number Route Owner
Gate 1 [Free]  0000  N/A No Owner
Gate 2 Hermes Bus  0000  - Unknown Expo East Route sheimoria
Gate 3 [Free]  0000  N/A No Owner


Merchant City Rail Transit

Getting around the city couldn't be easier. With a large road network and various methods of transport available
The  MCR  line takes you around New Merchant City and along New Merchant Road.
The  MCB  line connects the 2 major parts of the city together and also stops south of Merchant City. It was scrapped in October 2015 as it was not required and the 2 stations (Merchant Interchange and New Merchant City) will be served by the new MCY line being built in Summer 2016 which will connect West to South
The  MCY  (formerly  MCX ) line connects New Merchant City to XE7 when it comes. It is an Express line which will have 4 Stations. It was renamed from the MCX line to the MCY line in memory of the original transit line which ran through Merchant City when it was first constructed.

R Line  MCR 

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png R1 Unnamed (under construction)  XE7  Foobar
Dynmap Construction.png R2 Unnamed (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png R3 Vanhill (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png R4 Danhill No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png R5 Merchant Bus Station Bus Routes from Merchant City
Dynmap Green Flag.png R6 New Merchant Station  MCY 
Dynmap Green Flag.png R7 Merchant Concert Hall No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png R8 Merchant Hotel No connections

Y Line  MCY 

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png Y1 New Merchant City Station (under construction)  MCR 
KTA Commuter Rail Armadillo Line
Dynmap Construction.png Y2 Merchant Interchange (under construction)  XE7  Foobar
Regional Connect  GCR   CME 
Dynmap Pin.png Y3 Merchant City Park and Ride (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png Y4 Merchant Airport (planned) All Flights from Merchant City
Dynmap Pin.png Y5 XE7 (planned)  XE7  Foobar
Dynmap Pin.png Y6 New Merchant West (planned)  MCR