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Republic of Meridia
Meridian Flag.png
Governor PaintedBlue
Lieutenant Governor EtihadMan
Capital Cape Cambridge
Largest City Lilygrove
Demonym Meridian
Founded Formed on September 9th, 2020
Joined the FS on December 16th, 2020
Members 8
Towns 10
This article is about the southern region of towns near Lake 49. For the town owned by fork_07 near New Mackinaw, see Meridian.

Meridia, (officially the Republic of Meridia), is a large FS state in the south Zeta region of the New World located around Lake 49 (plans to rename to Meridian Sea). The Republic of Meridia borders the Epsilonian Region of Lumeva.

Current Members

Map of the cities in Meridia

This is a list of the current members of the region.

Town Name Flag Rank Mayor Mayor Rank Deputy Mayor Location Party
Lilygrove [Mayor] PaintedBlue [Mayor+] Crafterboi500 North Meridia
Oceanside [Councillor] EtihadMan [Councillor+] TBD South Meridia
Cape Cambridge [Mayor] PaintedBlue [Mayor+] kyyl_ South Meridia
Port Sonder [Mayor] TheThirdOdd [Mayor+] LondonThameslink North-East Meridia
Quill Beach [Unranked] PaintedBlue [Mayor+] TBD North Meridia
Lemon Shores [Unranked] groovealert_  [Member]  TBD South-East Meridia
San Jacino [Unranked] Crafterboi500 [Councillor+] TBD South-East Meridia National Party
Dvereki [Unranked] fork_07 [Senator+] TBD South-East Meridia
Macapá [Unranked] Noahrebl_ [Councillor+] TBD North-East Meridia National Party
Nooport [Unranked] Zuoj [Councillor] TBD North-East Meridia



The only functioning rail operator in the region is NewRail FLR. However, more rail connections are planned, like MARC.


The national airline is JetMeridia. It is owned by PaintedBlue


The main ferry service is MARCBoat.

Transport within towns


Rail: Lilygrove Union Station

Air: Lilygrove Midtown Heliport, (Planned: Lilygrove Plainsview Airport.)


Rail: Oceanside Bayfront Station

Air: Oceanside Helipad, (Planned: Oceanside Joseph Mamatta Airfield.)

Water: Oceanside Seaport (planned)

Cape Cambridge

Rail: John Glenn Transit Center

Air: Cape Cambridge International Seaport, Comiskey Island Heliport (Planned: Cape Cambridge Grafton Field and Cape Cambridge Neil Armstrong International.)

Water: Cape Cambridge International Seaport

Port Sonder


Quill Beach

Water: (Planned: Quill Beach Dahn Jerome Seaport.)

Lemon Shores


San Jacino







Rail: Nooport Station


  • The name "Meridia" comes from the Latin word "meridianam" meaning south.
  • PaintedBlue, groovealert_, Crafterboi500, and EtihadMan all know each other in real life, and live near each other too.
  • PaintedBlue created Meridia because he was bored of Lilygrove being a city state.
  • Meridia was inspired by the Region of Lumeva.