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MervRail is a Third-Party Railway establishment of the Minecart Rapid Transit Server. Inspired by Japan Railways, MervRail aims to build limited-stop "High-Speed" Train Lines as well as Main Trunk Lines. Feeder Metro Lines in Towns and Cities owned by [mervynang]


MervRail was formed in early January 2017, when player mervynang joined the server. MervRail's Headquarters are currently in an unknown location, as it was built for Citizen Rank Promotional Purposes. MervRail is looking to build a New Headquarters Office in [Bearainstein Town] , most likely next to the Bearainstein Rail Yard and Freight Terminal along the [Tokaido Shinkansen] line.

Ever since mervynang returned to active membership in April 2017, he has committed to the construction of the Tokaido Shinkansen, a new Express High-Speed Rail Line connecting the Southeast districts to Central City Areas. It aims to provide a quick link from the far Southeast of the Server to Central City, as well as providing new Private Railway alternatives apart from the MRT. extended the line from Mervrail-Silent Plains Station to Bearainstein Station after awsomekeldeo took over Silent Plains.

Currently, the Tokaido Shinkansen has been completed to Tranquil Forest Central on Local Service Tracks. Express Tracks have reached a terrain of mountains past Tranquil Forest

MervRail has also been involved in other projects, mainly for the development of Bearainstein Town. MervRail Residences are currently developing new private estates in the residential area of the town.