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ⓘ Information
LocationJanghwa M.C.
Date In ServiceJune 27, 2015 - March 11, 2016,

MesaPromenade, was a major shopping mall located in old Janghwa Metropolitan City. It was the biggest franchise holder in the MRT Server with more than 125 stores in total. It was demolished in March 11, 2016.


The beginning of the MesaPromenade dates back to the establishing period of Janghwa City in June of 2015. Janghwa's founder Supkyun wanted to open a district dedicated to franchises to be more open to commercial businesses and have more variety of ways to connect with the server. Area between the MRT rail stations of M22 and M23 was chosen as the building location.

The construction began on June 26, 2015, when ZambiblaisanOgre built a FamilyMart Store in Janghwa City. But the store's shape, which was a flat-roofed rectangle, seemed like a perfect platform to place another franchise on top. He decided stacking franchises on top of each other like Jenga would save a lot of space for other builds. Starting with Detroit_Kitteh for Tim Hortons, Duechayapol for The Duechayapol Restaurant, the first franchise tower was completed with a total of 10 different franchises within the 1st week.

MesaPromenade in 2015

When the first tower was completed, Janghwa City planned of making another tower next to it, and making the area look like strands of tall towers lined up. With the second tower completed, he wanted more and more franchise towers around the area, and so ultimately, 8 towers of franchises were built by December 2015. To connect these stores, he installed massive bridge/stair system on the towers, and also placed four massive signs on the bridges written Janghwa Metropolitan City in Korean. This sign-and-bridge of MesaPromenade was considered to be the most well-known landmark of Janghwa City for a long time.

As the MesaPromenade was nearing the completion of 8 towers, space was becoming limited. There were not enough space for more than 8 towers, and so a different plan was needed to expand the MesaPromenade even further. To solve the finite issue, they introduced stalls of space right underneath the MRT Mesa Line rail tracks, adding in an addition of another 40 to 50 franchises into the Promenade. Another expansion were to be made underground with a plan of another 20 bigger store spaces, and the MesaPromenade were to service ultimately a total of around 150 franchises.

Despite not reaching the ultimate goal, MesaPromenade topped with a total of more than 125 franchises via eight towers, a line of stall spaces and some underground spaces, titling the record for the most franchises in a single property in both the Old World MRT and the New World MRT combined. It held more franchises than the MRT Mall in the Old World, who previously held the record.


While MesaPromenade was well-received by many as a grand collection of server franchises, but its design was thought to be poorly done and some even considered that Mesapromenade is 'a perfect example of how not to build a city'. To fix messy planning and design, MesaPromenade was demolished to redevelop it. However, after the development of Janghwa stopped and Supykun, former mayor of Janghwa getting banned, the mall was never fully rebuilt to this day.