Metropolitan North Association

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Metropolitan North Association
Legislative CenterTulipsburg Capitol Building
Cultural CapitalOparia
CurrencyMRT Dollar
Date FoundedJuly 10th, 2020
City Count27

The Metropolitan North Association, commonly known as the MNA, is a Regional MPO based in Tulipsburg that is focused around the Northern Ocean community. The MNA was founded to foster inter-city relations, build infrastructure, and to increase connectivity. The MNA was founded on July 10th, 2020 by EliteNeon and KyleFrb in wake of several MPO conflicts.

Member States

# City Status Senator City Rank Nonstaff Player Rank
1 New Mackinaw Voting Member EliteNeon [Councillor] [Mayor]
2 Oparia Voting Member KyleFrb  [Premier]   [Premier] 
3 Sansmore Voting Member SansNotLuigi [Mayor] [Senator]
4 Aquidneck Islands Voting Member BernCow [Councillor] [Mayor]
5 Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein Voting Member Echohue [Councillor]  [Premier] 
6 Kleinsburg Non-Voting Member (2nd) kyyl_ [Senator]  [Premier] 
7 Celina Voting Member Vickiposa [Councillor]  [Premier] 
8 Malosa Voting Member ArizTrad [Councillor] [Mayor]
9 Biwabik Voting Member chiefbozx [Councillor] [Governor]
10 Tulipsburg Non-Voting Member (Capital) kyyl_ Legally Cannot Rankup [Mayor]
11 East Mesa Voting Member 0x10 [Councillor] [Mayor]
12 Chugsdy Island Voting Member minebuilder1223 [Councillor] [Councillor]
13 Ottia Islands Voting Member Oshawott_12 [Senator] [Senator]
14 Beachview Voting Member DintyB [Mayor] [Mayor]
15 Turtle City Non-Voting Member (2nd) minebuilder1223 Unranked [Trustee]
16 Nymphalia Voting Member SoaPuffball [Mayor] [Senator]
17 Cardinal Bay Voting Member notshort925 Unranked [Mayor]
18 Kappen Voting Member ondist [Mayor] [Senator]
19 Puerto Hilaga Non-Voting Member (3rd) kyyl_ [Mayor]  [Premier] 
20 Thegame Non-Voting Member (2nd) SoaPuffball [Councillor] [Senator]
21 Encinitas Non-Voting Member (4th) kyyl_ [Senator]  [Premier] 
22 Solana Beach Voting Member PaintedBlue Unranked [Mayor]
23 Port Sybil Voting Member PtldKnight [Councillor] [Senator]
24 Upton Ulster Voting Member stxnmusic [Councillor] [Councillor]
25 New Origin City Voting Member OriginRailway Unranked [Citizen]
26 Westbeach Voting Member ModernArt Mayor  [Member] 
27 Ñ Voting Member Freskoo Unranked [Mayor]
28 Daly City Non-Voting Member (2nd) EliteNeon [Councillor] [Mayor]


A map of the MNA Cities, created by minebuilder1223. (Correct 18/09/2020)

The MNA is led by an Elected President and Vice-President. The President as of the current term is kyyl_. The Vice-President is EliteNeon. The President appoints a Cabinet of Secretaries to lead departments. chiefbozx is the Secretary of Transportation. The legislative arm of the MNA is the Metropolitan Senate. Membership in the Senate is automatic upon entry to the MNA.


In early July of 2020, several serverwide-MPO conflicts arose engulfing the institutions of that day in controversy. These events drove EliteNeon to leave the Epsilon Republic on July 10th, 2020. That night in Mumble, Elite's western neighbor, KyleFrb, suggested a Regional MPO to co-operate on transit and commerce. Elite immediately agreed and planning commenced. A Declaration declaring the founding of the Metropolitan North Association was signed that night, and the Constitution was ratified three hours later. EliteNeon became the President, and KyleFrb was selected to be the Vice-President. A community city, meant to be the Capital of the MNA was proposed on July 11th. Tulipsburg, located near the member cities of Celina and Malosa, was founded later that night. On July 12th, the need for a Department of Transportation was recognized, and chiefbozx was nominated to Secretary of Transportation. He founded on that day TransNorth, the branded name for the Department, and RailNorth, the MPO-wide rail service. RailNorth was originally envisioned as being called the Metro-North Railroad, a reference to the real regional rail system in the New York Area and to the name of the MNA itself. However, Chief in his capacity as Secretary objected to the name, as it referenced New York. Diplomatic relations were officially requested on July 16th, with the Epsilon Republic and the Federated States of the New World both approving. Continuing transit improvements, BoatNorth, led by KyleFrb and BernCow was founded on July 19th. BoatNorth would go on to span across the entire Northern Ocean region, connecting the economic powerhouses of the MNA. The Expressway Authority was then founded to sponsor road connections within the MNA, starting with the Highway A101.png/Highway B1.png project. By the end of August, the administration was re-elected, and projects were continuing. On the 15th of November, 2020, the Senate passed the Opremia Act, officially designating the city of Oparia as the cultural capital of the MNA in recognition of its ascension to  [Premier] . On January 27th, 2021, kyyl_ was automatically elected President after EliteNeon decided not to run again. Upon the resignation of kyyl_ as Server Mod and MNA President, EliteNeon was re-appointed President.


TransNorth is the branded name for the MNA's Department of Transportation. TransNorth is led by Secretary of Transportation chiefbozx.


RailNorth is the branded name for TransNorth's rail project to connect towns within the MNA. RailNorth currently has two lines in planning with one under construction. Line 1 goes from Tulipsburg to Celina through Malosa, with plans to expand to Kleinsburg and Biwabik. Line 2 is currently only being planned, with hopes of extending westward from Tulipsburg.

chiefbozx is the head of RailNorth, with ondist serving as Deputy Head.


BoatNorth is the branded name for TransNorth's ferry and boat project. There are two lines currently operational.


The newest division of TransNorth is RoadNorth, which handles all A- and B-road construction and related projects within the MNA. minebuilder1223 was appointed its head on November 1, 2020, with Oshawott_12 serving as its deputy head.

External Transportation


The A1 Highway is currently being expanded North by EliteNeon, and there are plans for an MNA-sponsored A-grade highway to connect the cities on the mainland.


There are many airports in the MNA, such as Kleinsburg Noord Airfield (KBN) and Oparia LeTourneau International Airport (OPA).