Metropolitan Planning Organization

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For a list of Metropolitan Planning Organizations, see list of Metropolitan Planning Organizations.

A Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is a loose group of cities banding together for the purpose of planning, building, and constructing varieties of projects such as freeways, railways, and economic projects. The basic goal is to get regional projects built faster and with proper planning for the future.

The concept of MPO was first created with the creation of the Northwestern Association of Governments.

The official server rules regarding an MPO are as follows:

  • Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are entities created by multiple players to facilitate project development and planning between their cities.
  • MPOs may be regional (defining geographic membership criteria) or at-large (accepting members from anywhere on the server).
  • Players do NOT need staff approval to form an MPO.
  • Any MPOs that wish to merge together must receive approval from staff to do so at a GSM.
  • All MPOs are subject to the MRT server rules. These rules cover any behaviour performed on any Discord servers and other means of communication that hosts the MPOs members.
  • MRT staff will not actively monitor each and every MPO, as that is an unrealistic use of staff’s time. However, we strongly encourage members of MPOs to report any rule infractions to the MRT staff immediately. Players will not be punished for making a report in good faith, especially if it turns out to be a non-issue after staff have completed their investigation.
  • If an MPO is found to be suppressing players from reporting rule infractions, or has been actively covering up unacceptable behavior, MPO leadership and involved players will be severely punished. In extreme cases, the MRT administrators may take actions to forcibly dissolve the MPO.