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Metropolitan West Mesa

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Metropolitan West Mesa
Mwm (2).jpg
Basic Info
Founders MojangChan, Frosty_Creeper10, Foxfoe
Founded October 28, 2018
Location Western Grand Mesa

The Metropolitan West Mesa is an MPO formed from the towns and cities based in the western Grand Mesa. It was founded on October 28, 2018 after a border dispute was resolved between the towns of Kota Lembah and Borderville.


After the border dispute between Kota and Borderville got resolved, the mayor of the former town, Frosty_Creeper10, insisted on using the discord group chat that was created to resolve the issue, as the group chat for a future MPO between the cities involved (including Deadbush). The mayors of Borderville and Deadbush, Foxfoe and MojangChan respectively, agreed on the proposal and thus, a new MPO was formed.


  • Improve infrastructure between the towns/cities involved
  • Create seamless forms of transportation between towns/cities involved
  • Create a megalopolis in the western Grand Mesa


Member Towns
Town/City Mayor Rank
Deadbush Echohue  [Premier] 
Heampstead MikeRoma [Senator]
Johnston Echohue [Mayor]
Gemstride SoaPuffball [Mayor]
Peachtree City wbhob [Mayor]
Euphorial TheGreenKangaroo [Councillor]
Kota Lembah Frosty_Creeper10 [Unranked]