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MilkShack is a franchise that was founded by HarborRandom852 on May 8th 2020. It operates in the New World.



Branch Town
 A20  Pasadena Pasadena
 NE17  Foobar Westbeach Westbeach
 NE8  Creeperville Creeperville
Las Playas Las Playas
Northernpass Northernpass
Sand Sand
Tedville Tedville
Wenyanga Wenyanga
 JS23  Foobar Kanto Kanto
 A19  Pasadena - Voltsphere Pasadena Voltsphere
 JS18  New Dublinium New Dublinium
Mojangsburg-Pretoria Capital Airport Mojangsburg
Miu Wan Miu Wan
MilkShack Headquarters MilkShack Headquarters
New Singapore New Singapore
St Helena St Helena
Airchester Plaza-New Singapore New Singapore
 NE8  Creeperville Shimoko Station A Creeperville Shimoko Station
 NE8  Creeperville Shimoko Station B Creeperville Shimoko Station
 WN53  Aston Aston Aston
 EN22  Nymphalia - Windus Nymphalia
Villĕ Villĕ
Central Ranges Central Ranges
 XE31  Lapis Bay - Venessa Bay Station Lapis Bay
Augusta Augusta
Riverdale Riverdale
MS Lake Pearl [Milk Shack At Sea] MS Lake Pearl
Achowalogen Takachsin Zoo Achowalogen Takachsin
Hytown Hytown
Miu Wan South Railway Station Luk Hom
Iran Mall (4 Branches) Creeperville
Dogwood Dogwood
 M36  Deadbush Central Edgecliff Retail Park Deadbush
Rattlerville Rattlerville
Skogheim Revedam Station Skogheim
Canary Bay Canary Bay (Autunno)
GSM Town GSM Town

Cafe Leblanc

Cafe Leblanc is a sub-franchise of MilkShack. It was inspired by the cafe seen in the video game Persona 5.

Branch Town
 JS23  Foobar Kanto Kanto