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MineKE Shoestore
MineKE Logo.png
Owned By WashingtonTdt
Company Information
HQ Downsview
Founded November 17, 2016
Franchise Clothing (currently shoes)

MineKE Shoestore is a new up and coming shoestore founded on November 17, 2016 by WashingtonTdt. It sells shoes that are created by the parent company MineKE itself. The first store in existence is located in Downsview, on Burlington Parkway.

New/Recent Shoes

  • MineKE Exclusive - Superlight and Hyperspeed: The new MineKE Superlight is designed to feel like you aren't wearing any shoes whatsoever, and as if you are taking flight. The Hyperspeed, the women's version of the Superlight, is made to make you feel like you're faster than the speed of light and can pass by your day quickly. Pick up these new exclusives at any MineKE store.
  • MineKE - "Stylish as Lfpp": The brand new signature shoe line, named after lfpp003, is now available, giving you the sense of comfort but also a classy feeling that you want when you're walking (or running) in style.


There are currently 11 MineKE shoestores on the MRT.

All MineKE shops are CUSTOM BUILT to your specifications.

Location Open/Closed Store #
Downsview Open 1
Birchview Central (RaiLinQ Station) Open 2
Pine Mountain Open 3
SummerVille Open 4
Bakersville Open 5
Spruce Valley Open 6
Mountain View Open 7
Zaquar - Onika T. Maraj Station Open 8
Welsbury Open 9
Espil Open 10
Stoneedge Open 11

Our regional headquarters are located in Downsview near  ZS21 .

A MineKE worker at the Regional HQ in Downsview.