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Founder mine_man_ and Kottlewing
Additional Information
Headquarters TBD

MineWare is a new consumer electronics company which is owned by mine_man_ and Kottle_. It was founded on 31/07/2015 but was in planning many months before this. MineWare houses some major products, including but not limited to: MineWare Rainbow, Assist, Sheet and Energy. The idea behind the comapny is to allow everyone cheap but really beautiful and reliable electronic products. MineWare was also created to stop monopolisation of the consumer electronics buisness by Catronics, owned by KittyCat11231.


MineWare Wave

MineWare Wave is a product range of privately owned modems to give internet access to all.

Wave Pot The smallest Wave product which has a range of 20 blocks and medium internet connection.

Wave Plate The jack of all trades Wave product which gives a 35 block range and a medium/high internet connection.

Wave Anvil For internet connections as strong as an anvil, this modem has a range of 55 blocks and a high/superhigh internet connection.

MineWare Wise

MineWare Wise is a product range of electronics to automate your home and control it when your away.

Wise Control This is the part which you keep with you to control you home, away from home. It requires an internet or mobile connection.

Wise Hub This is the part which you connect up to all your appliances so the Hub can control them all and allow you to control them from wherever you wish.

Wise Broadcaster This is the part which is responsible for the connection between you and the Wise Hub.

MineWare Sheet

The MineWare Sheet is an ultrathin tablet produced my MineWare. It comes in multiple colours including Black, White and Grey as well as a Gold Edition.

MineWare Swipe

The MineWare Swipe is a powerful smartphone with 64GB of memory, a 4 megapixel camera, a 7 day battery life and a 3 inch by 6 inch display. It comes in the 3 standard colours, black, white and grey, a gold edition and multiple other colours available at certain stores.

MineWare Consoles

MineWare has quite afew console products, with each individual in their own way. Under this brand includes the Alpha consoles and the BitPlay handheld consoles.

Omega The MineWare Omega has 2 main control sticks as well as a massive memory. It contains a slot for normal Alpha Games as well as a slot for select BitPlay Games.

Gamma Like the Omega but instead has 3 control sticks. It also includes an Alpha game slot and a BitPlay Slot for select BitPlay games.

BitPlay The standard BitPlay is a handheld console playable with all BitPlay games.

BitPortable Like the BitPlay but is much smaller so is much better to use when going on long trips and holidays.

BitExtra The BitExtra comes with all the features of BitPlay but has a camera, internet access and much more!

MineWare Ore

The MineWare Ore Collection is a collection of private servers produced by MineWare. Each server design has a different amount of capacity and power depending on what you need.

MineWare Watch

MineWare Watch collection is a TV system collection that you plug into your TV to allow access to more channels, on demand, discounted movies, recording, internet and much, much more!

Watch Regular Watch regular gives you access to more channels, movies, on demand and recording.

Watch + Watch + gives you access to all perks the Watch Regular gives you but also gives your TV internet access, discounted movies and TV network where you can hook all your TV's together to allow control over who watches what in your house.

MineWare Energy

The MineWare Energy collection contains MineWare's powerful desktop electronics to suit all your needs and concerns. It comes in two verities, Super and Slim.

Energy Super This Energy product is the most powerful tech MineWare sells with over 16GB of RAM.

Energy Slim The Energy Slim doesn't have as much computing power as the Super but is much thinner and has *GB of RAM, which is still alot.

MineWare Rainbow

The MineWare Rainbow is the slimmest multicoloured, customisable laptop available for purchase out of any consumer electronics store. It comes in 16 colours but for an extra fee you can get a custom design on the laptop. It also comes with 2 styles of keyboard further extending the possiblities with the MineWare Rainbow.

The MineWare Assist

MineWare Assist is a revolutionary new piece of technology which can be used in stores to replace human labour with much cheaper robot labour. It hovers above tracks that can be layed in custom layouts and it can explain, entertain, calculate and make customers feel welcome. It is the most revolutionary piece of technology scince Catronics Ellie.


Store Designs

There are currently 3 main store designs and 1 under construction that MineWare uses.


MineWare SmallEx.png MineWare SmallIn.png

The MineWare Small Store fits all the MineWare stock into a very compact space which is quite an achievement. It also still keeps the open feel that MineWare gives with its stores and that urge to go inside. The small store costs $25 and is 25x27.


MineWare LargeEx.png MineWare LargeIn.png

The MineWare Large Store is currently the biggest store MineWare sells. It has 2 stories and has a large open feeling on the main shop area. Outside, it has a small garden as well as the MineWare logo. The large store costs $50 and is 31x41. It is worth the money.


The custom designs can come in a verity of shapes and sizes. There are two kinds of custom store that are made. MegaStore A large store which contains all stock and gives an open feel to the store. Click n' Collect A small store usually with a storeroom at the back with a small stock of items.

The formula to figure out how much a MineWare store is: ((Width*Length)/20)+(10*(floors-1))

Store Locations

City Nearest MRT Type of Store Verififed
Astoria  C48  Astoria Large No
Southlake  C49  Foobar Click n' Collect No
Elecna Bay  I21  Elecna Bay - Restraunt District- I22  Elecna Bay - Southside Large No
Kolpino  M18  Kolpino Large No
Kenthurst  XW10  Kenthurst Large No
Grayzen  XE3  Grayzen Small No
Waterville  A22  Waterville - Downtown Large No
AEville  ZN18  AEville Small No
Utopia  D14  Utopia Large No
St.Anna  C5  Foobar Large No
Avalon  M20  Avalon Large No
Nihongo  V8  Foobar Large No
Washingcube  A15  Washingcube Small No
Wythern  C41  Wythern Large No
Lanark  C112  Lanark East Small No
Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport  P8  Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport Click n' Collect Yes
Llamahill  F19  Foobar Small No
Spruce Neck  T2  Spruce Neck South Small No
Dabecco  F9  Dabecco - Franchise Boulevard Large No
Izumo-Old Town  C34  Izumo - Financial Large No
Izumo-Eastern Creek  F24  Foobar Large (4 Large Locations) No
SummerVille  V28  Foobar Large No
Chillington ?? Large No
Pilmont N/A Small No
Icelake ?? Large No
Icelake ?? Small No
Espil West  C80  Espil - Eisli Central Large No
Espil East  C80  Espil - Eisli Central Small No
Espil Rae  C80  Espil - Eisli Central Small No
New Acreadium  ZN30  New Acreadium - Central District Station Large No
New Acreadium - Stilthdon  ZN30  New Acreadium - Central District Station Small No
Sunshine Coast  JS38  Foobar Small No
Kevtropolis  JN9  Kevtropolis Central Small No
Antioch  ZN28  Antioch Small No
Sansmore N/A Small No
Sunshine Coast International  SE23  Alta Mesa Custom Yes
Torres River  SE23  Alta Mesa Large No
Los Serafins  D50  Foobar Large No


None At The Moment