Minecart Model Railways Inc

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Minecart Model Railways Inc.
MMRI logo.png
CEO Derpy_Melon
Founder RLcrafters
Other Employees mine_man_
Number of Stores 51
Headquarters Baylon City
1st Location Baylon City
5th Location Ashmore
10th Location Vermilion
25th Location Oakley
50th Location Central City
Other Information
Headquarters Coordinates .

Minecart Model Railways Inc.

General Info

Minecart Model Railways Incorporated is a company founded by RLcrafters. What the company does is take unwanted or unused buildings, and turn them into a model railways. Or you can reserve a space and the company will scratch build the building and the model railway. The company has a headquarters, in Baylon City, it's a large 3 story building with offices on the upper two floors, and the lobby contains a model railway. The company can build to just about any size, this is determined by the mayor or owner of the town or building. It is however recommended that the space provided is larger than 10x15.

The company can do other things as well as model railways, these include: Model Displays, 3D Maps, Miniature Railways and Private Railways (The last two options will be available at a later date.)

Contact: In order to contact MMRI you can /mail send RLcrafters, Mail at P.O.Box 087 in the mail centre Or message RLcrafters if he's online

The company RegionalConnect uses MMRI transit systems for there stations.

Major Projects

Miniatur Wunderland in Central City is an enormous project started by tarheelscouse in mid-2015 it involved claiming a plot south of the mail center. Him and a group of helpers designed a massive model railroad in the plot and they laid quite a sizable portion of the track and worked on some of the scenery, but people lost interest in the project. In late October that same year, Tar gave the project to RL for completion. The renovation project involved adding lights to the building as well as a completing the layout, RL and mine_man_ worked for a few days completing the project. Some of things that were done include:

  • Adding and naming small towns and cities around the layout
  • Configuring a day-night cycle on the layout
  • Adding small cameos around the layout to add interest and detail
  • And much more....

The project also conveniently tied in with MMRI's 50th location, so it seemed fitting for Miniatur Wunderland to let the company really stretch it's legs and show the world what it could do, Miniatur Wunderland is the result.

The Covina Railway Association is a model railway which is being constructed in an enormous Arena in Covina. The model will be seperated into different biomes each seperated by water. If all goes to plan, this venue should be complete by mid-september. There will be 5 biomes with about 3-5 stations in each. Bridges will be constructed over water to connect all of the lines in the center of the arena.

MMRI locations

MMRI currently has 51 locations. These are listed below

Town Station Code(s) Product Status
Central City  A - D - F - I - M - P - T - V - X - Z  Miniatur Wunderland OPEN
Spruce Neck  A2 - ZN2 - T2  Model Train Set OPEN
Ashmore  A3 - ZN3  Model Train Set OPEN
Ashmore #2  A3 - ZN3  Model Train Set OPEN
Whitechapel  A11  Shop OPEN
Washingcube  A15  Model Train Set OPEN
Waterville  A21 - A22 - A23  Model Train Set OPEN
Snowtopic  A32  Model Train Set OPEN
Birchwood Lake  C5  Model Train Set OPEN
Huntington  C9  Model Train Set OPEN
Airchester  C25  General Building FOR SALE
Saint Roux/Sint Roe  C35-C36 - P25  Model Train Set FOR SALE
Luminos City  C44  All-In-One OPEN
Parktown  C46 - V27  3D Map OPEN
Astoria  C48  Model Train Set OPEN
Jeeka  C99 - T32 - W  All-In-One OPEN
Newton-Le-Willows  C102 - T35 - W  All-In-One OPEN
Spruce Mountain  D10  General Building FOR SALE
Utopia  D14  Model Train Set OPEN
Ellesume  EN1  Shop and Model Train Set OPEN
Marblegate (Grenada)  ES12  Shop OPEN
San Reinoldi (Barop)  F13  Model Train Set OPEN
Villedyn  F14  Model Train Set FOR SALE
Phos City  F20 - C33  Model Train Set OPEN
Easest  F26  Model Railway OPEN
Oakley  I5 - F5  3D Map OPEN
Magepond  I6  Model Train Set OPEN
Matheson  I10  Model Train Set OPEN
Janghwa  M22  Model Train Set OPEN
Red Rock City  M29  Model Train Set FOR SALE
Victorian City  P10  Model Train Set OPEN
Baylon City  P11  Model Train Set OPEN
Melrose  P13  Model Train Set OPEN
Cornus  T8  Model Train Set OPEN
Laclede  T13  Shop OPEN
Laclede #2  T13  Shop and Model Train Set OPEN
Wazamawazi  T30-T29 - C97  Model Railway OPEN
Siletz  V13  Model Train Set OPEN
Royalston  V15  Shop and Model Train Set OPEN
Merchant City  XE8  Model Train Set OPEN
Achowalogen Takachsin  XE11  Model Railway OPEN
Sealane  XW2 - D2 - M2  3D Map OPEN
Sealane #2  XW2 - D2 - M2  Model Train Set OPEN
Kenthurst (Mississa Bay)  XW11  All-In-One OPEN
Vermilion  XW15  Model Train Set OPEN
Nippia Floor 16 of the KITANIA tower  ZN20  Offices OPEN
Segville  ZS7  Model Train Set OPEN
Mecklenburg N/A Model Train Set OPEN
New Covina N/A Shop and Model Train Set OPEN
Totsworth N/A Model Train Set OPEN
St Anna N/A Model Train Set OPEN
Unamed Town N/A Shop OPEN

Please note these lists may not contain all MRRI partners and may contain incorrectly labelled stations.

Waiting List

If you would like an MMRI, put your town on the waiting list.

  • Marblegate
  • New Covina
  • Falloway
  • Ravenna

In that order

Our Products

Model Train Set
3D Map (Discontinued)
Model Railway

Note: All-In-One includes Shop, Model Train Set 2 story building and a bar/resturant, standard plot size is 20x15, price increases as plot size increases.

Note: Model Railways are much more detailed than Model Train Sets and so take a lot more time and effort to build them, so they cost a substantial amount more to purchase. Note: All prices depend on size.