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MRT Server
Server information
Server hostSoYouStart (OVH)
Server version1.20.1
Staff information
Other staffList of staff
World information
No. of worlds7
Facts & figures
FoundedJuly 13, 2012
No. of members~1,096 (as of 3 June 2021)

The Minecart Rapid Transit Server, MRT Server, or simply MRT is a creative Minecraft 1.20.1 server for transportation. The server is founded and owned by Frumple.

MRT system

The server was initially created for players to expand upon the Minecart Rapid Transit system which is a mass rapid transit system utilising minecarts as the mode of transportation around the server. The MRT System is marked on the dynmap with each station labelled with its MRT code and coloured with respect to the station's MRT line.

The Old World MRT system implemented v4.1 on most stations on the initial 4 Old World MRT Lines (Blue Line, Green Line, Yellow Line and Red Line) when the server first opened. Most of the stations were updated to v4.2 to replace the spacious minecart rail dispenser system with a compact minecart hopper storage system to expand the minecart storage space as well as to reduce lag and the frequency of glitches caused by the buggy rail dispenser system. Some of the stations were further updated to v4.3 to update the unreliable plate-on-a-fence minecart detector to a more reliable tripwire minecart detector that was made possible when the server version updated to 1.3.2.

The New World MRT system implemented the newer v5.0 on all stations on the initial 11 New World MRT lines (Arctic Line, Taiga Line, Plains Line, Valley Line, Forest Line, Island Line, Mesa Line, Desert Line, Expo Line, Zephyr Line and Circle Line).



The server opened to the public on July 13, 2012 and initially ran with Minecraft 1.2.5 on PieLayer. Most of the early guests of the server came through Frumple's Youtube channel where he would post videos of his MRT system and had announced the opening of the server. The MRT website was set up to provide players information about the server as well as to provide guests a way to apply for membership in order to build on the server.

New guests would first spawn at Spawn Station on the Old World where the initial 4 Old World MRT lines interchange at. Most of the first player creations on the server such as Glowlight Town and the Ride The MRT signboard were built in the vicinity of Spawn Station and they would develop into Spawn City which became the main hub of player activity on the Old World. Players began to explore the rest of the Old World to claim space for their creations such as towns, roads, transit systems and games.

The MRT Wiki was set up to allow members to share information about their creations while other platforms were set up such as the MRT Subreddit forum and the MRT Mumble chat to facilitate discussion among players.


Frumple switched the server host to OVH which increased the server's RAM and storage space to sustain its growing membership and allowed the MRT Wiki and Mumble chat to be hosted on the same machine. The Orange Line was built as the 5th Old World MRT line to serve significant cities on the north and the west of the Old World such as Riverend, Atlantis and Eisitasi as well as connect MRT International Airport to MRT Regional Airport.


Frumple switched the server host to SoYouStart and the server version updated to 1.7.0. The New World was introduced to replace the Old World as the server's default world. The New World's size is over 4 times the Old World's size to provide more space exclusively for players to build towns, roads and transit systems in response to the congestion of player creations on the Old World. Players would still be able to visit the Old World but would be required to build new creations on the New World while the Old World would be reserved for older members to edit their old creations built before the Gamma server update.

New guests would instead spawn at Central Park in Central City which would be the main hub for player activity on the New World. Central City would serve as an interchange for 10 New World MRT lines (Arctic Line, Taiga Line, Plains Line, Valley Line, Forest Line, Island Line, Mesa Line, Desert Line, Expo Line and Zephyr Line). Central City as well as the initial 11 New World MRT lines was built over the course of 2 to 3 months by Admods in preparation for the introduction of the New World on October 4, 2014.

The Lab World was introduced exclusively for players to experiment and prototype their creations while the Games World was introduced exclusively for players to build mini-games. The Space World was introduced for players to build their creations in a space setting. The MRT Discord chat was also introduced to complement the existing MRT Mumble chat.


The New World's size increased by 3.3 times and the Lab World's size increased by 2.4 times to accommodate for future extensions of the New World MRT lines as well as provide more construction space for players. The remaining 4 New World MRT lines that have yet to be built (Northern Line, Eastern Line, Southern Line and Western Line) will be completed in the future.


The New World's size is further increased by 2.8 times, and the server is updated from version 1.13.2 to 1.15.2. The server opened at 29th February 2020.


Players join the server as Guests by default. Guests can interact with most blocks, ride the MRT lines and explore player creations around the server.

Guests must apply for membership to gain permission to build. Membership is free and easy to apply for through the website and if players are successful, they are given building permissions as well as other privileges. The server's membership is the main deterrent against spammers and malicious players and therefore member approval has to be typically stricter than most Minecraft servers. Players can re-apply after an unsuccessful attempt and if they still fail after five attempts, they are permanently banned from the server.


The server initially established the ranks of Guest, Member, Moderator, Administrator and Owner. The rank of Mayor was then introduced to recognised members who had built towns of significant size. The Conductor rank (later renamed to Trusted and then to Trustee) was also introduced to recognise trustworthy and responsible players by allowing them to assist staff in maintaining the server.

The Gamma server update restructured the Mayor rank into town ranks and city ranks. The town ranks of Councillor and Mayor and the city ranks of Senator, Governor and Premier ranks were introduced to better recognise the different stages of a town's development as well as to award additional privileges to players who improve their towns over time. The Gamma server update also introduced the rank of Citizen after the Member rank and before the Trustee rank.

  • [Guest]
  •  [Member] 
  • [Citizen]
  • [Trustee]
  • [Councillor]
  • [Mayor]
  • [Senator]
  • [Governor]
  •  [Premier] 
  • [Mod]
  • [Admin]
  • [Owner]

Players of the Member rank and above can also carry the + supporter tag placed next to their rank names if they are supporters.

Full information about player ranks can be found on the MRT website's Player Ranks page.


MRT Server Staff List
Rank Username Nationality
Owner Frumple Flag of Canada.png Canada
Administrator SimonScholar Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom
Moderator AP_Red Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom
Moderator Skelezomperman Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Moderator Needn_NL Flag of Netherlands.png Netherlands
Moderator Missa_Solemnis Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Moderator DintyB Flag of Ireland.png Ireland
Moderator hvt2011 Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Moderator MPolo455 Flag of Canada.png Canada
Moderator VickiTori_ Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Moderator __7d Flag of Singapore.png Singapore
Moderator Foote_Chicken Flag of United States of America.png United States of America
Moderator DNAmaster10 Flag of United Kingdom.png United Kingdom


The server is financed solely by Frumple but players are able to support the server financially by donating (at least) 10 CAD and will be provided supporter benefits in return.