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Did you know

This is a record of material that was recently featured on the Main Page as part of Did you know (DYK), which shares surprising or intriguing facts. They give readers enough context to understand the hook, but leave enough out to make them want to learn more. They are written for a general audience who has no prior knowledge of or interest in the topic area. Lastly, they are concise and do not attempt to cover multiple facts or present information about the subject beyond what's needed to understand the hook.

New DYKs are featured biweekly by McYoshi26. Suggestions can be sent to him on Discord.

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21 May 2023


7 May 2023

A perpetual motion booster
  • ...that the original design of the MRT system featured perpetual motion boosters (pictured) as powered rails had yet to be added to Minecraft?
  • ...that, beginning in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 4, the title of woorich999's submissions have been popular song lyrics?
  • ...that VillageRenew22, a Venceslo Village renovation plan, pivoted the complex from an indoor mall to an outdoor mall?
  • ...that the second tallest building in Welchett was dubbed the "UwU Building" during construction?
  • ...that Central Park features a button that teleports players to a random Governor and above airports?

23 April 2023

Rook's Landing
  • ...that Rooks' Landing (pictured) in Keriyowna is the first park on the server to feature a functioning chessboard by using maps?
  • ...that Seabeast Buses had offered a subsidy to people who connected a town to the New World Highway system and allowed the company to have a bus in the town?
  • ...that Frumple played a guessing game about what was behind him after General Staff Meetings?
  • ...that random broadcast messages and an indestructible pumpkin just east of Nanthaven were teasers for Cactusville?
  • ...that CreeperCola was originally founded on a singleplayer world and has locations on five video game servers other than the MRT?

9 April 2023

Helga Thonk Burger in Chugsdy Island
  • ...that kyyl_ created a franchise (pictured) named after a fictitious woman from Akureyri?
  • ...that, of the 16 planned minecart tracks at Tranquil Forest Central, only two were kept as there was a lack of minecart rail demand?
  • ...that the town that placed second in the Town Building Contest, Nashville, is underwater?
  • ...that Race To Escape, if not canceled, would have had the largest cast in any major game show?
  • ...that there have been two failed attempts to extend the MRT Marina Shuttle, with the first attempt being called "PUnS"?

26 March 2023

Not the Not A Not A Van (nor the Van)

12 March 2023

"Heart of the City"

26 February 2023

The Lingo Statue
  • ...that losing contestants in Lingo win a statue (pictured) that they can place in one of their towns?
  • ...that the only town located in an ice spikes biome was named after one building Mojang1014 built?
  • ...that, as Evella is modeled after a 'dystopian' city, buildings in the town follow a strict building code?
  • ...that two additional tracks had to be constructed underneath Siletz Salvador Station as Fred Rail's trains were too big for the station's elevated tracks?
  • ...that in his acceptance speech, Narnia17 admitted that he originally joined the server to troll?

12 February 2023

The van in Fairfax
  • ...that a Saturday Night Live sketch partially inspired _frozen to hide a van (pictured)?
  • ...that Deadbush has had a total of nine unique airports, the most of any city?
  • ...that the first and only structure to be built in a mushroom island biome on the New World is the MRT Union Line?
  • ...that in fourth season of The Amazing Race, members were allowed to make official guesses about where the starting line would be for the first time?
  • ...that the "Final" hvt's Arcade was not its final location to be built?

29 January 2023

"Last Train to Paradise"

15 January 2023

A stall on Soko named "The Last Time"
  • ...that stalls on Soko (pictured) have names based on puns on Taylor Swift songs?
  • ...the original section of the MRT Savannah Line was the only MRT line that had no turns?
  • ...that, as of December 2022, the shortest staff tenure is 19 days?
  • ...that Segville was denied for Senator five times due in part to a controversial land claim?
  • ...that jphgolf4321 based Spartanball on aspects of field lacrosse, American football, and ultimate Frisbee?

1 January 2023

Itomori Municipal Airfield

18 December 2022

Megap Parkour

4 December 2022

Heampstead Nuclear Power Station
  • ...that the lights along the streets of Heampstead can go dark in a "blackout", as they are all connected to the city's power station (pictured)?
  • ...that, as a last resort, two backup legs were created for The Amazing Race 7 in case a leg on another server was unable to be completed?
  • ...that the opening of Kitania Transylvania Station marked the end of the prohibition of third-party transit rail in Kitania?
  • ...that LondonThameslink unintentionally named Krakabraka's town?
  • ...that the MRT Circle Line takes over two hours to completely ride?

20 November 2022

Nuuk CubeTram

6 November 2022

Blox Bells Amphitheatre

23 October 2022

Niwen Clocktower

9 October 2022

Northern Waitui Seaplane Port

25 September 2022

MRT Mail Hub

11 September 2022

Pride floats in Vegeta

28 August 2022

Boxes used in the gate giveaway game

14 August 2022

Braun Llama Dome

31 July 2022

An Easter egg in Venceslo

17 July 2022

Mount Exclave

5 July 2022

The MS Lake Diamond during construction

19 June 2022

Ghibli Museum roof

5 June 2022

The Welchett Pyramid

22 May 2022

The island of Teivaki
  • ...that the farms on Teivaki (pictured) are inspired by farms from a French Minecraft server?
  • ...that the roofs of four concourses at Fort Yaxier International Airport have artwork inspired by movements of the Cascadian Concerto?
  • ...that ATLAS had 17 locations within 24 hours of its creation?
  • ...that Conricsto was founded because KittyCat11231 wanted to build an IntraRail line?
  • ...that Staff had initiated a project involving removing signs and filling caves in Spawn City to allegedly reduce lag?

8 May 2022

The original Traveller's Tavern

25 April 2022

Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport

10 April 2022

Cresta Capitol Building

26 March 2022

Inedible building in Banana
  • ...that you can't eat Banana (pictured)?
  • ...that there is a cloud in the sky?
  • ...that Nothing happened at General Staff Meetings?
  • ...that 42 is in 7 and at 7?
  • ...that trains cannot go to Train Station, but buses can?

13 March 2022

Woodsdale Lilli-Putt Golf Course

28 February 2022

Kalmar Fried Chicken Evil Production Facility

13 February 2022

The Merchantman Canalway

30 January 2022

The Brick House

16 January 2022

The MesaPromenade in 2015
  • ...that franchises were stacked on top of each other at the MesaPromenade (pictured)?
  • ...that there are nightclubs in the walls of buildings in Chansee?
  • ...that the "speed" command was enabled on the server because of The Amazing Race?
  • ...that prior to December 2020, BurgerQueens used to have location-dependent menus?
  • ...that a cow is the mayor of Whelburn?

2 January 2022

Grief Island

19 December 2021

The High Altitude Activity Space (left)

12 December 2021