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Featured articles on the MRT Wiki

Featured articles are considered to be featuring interesting articles and topics and are shown on the Main Page. They can be used by editors as examples for writing other articles. Before being listed here, articles are reviewed should be of good quality. There are 116 featured articles out of 3,553 articles on the MRT Wiki (~3% are featured). A new featured page is usually chosen weekly, biweekly, or triweekly on Sunday, which began on September 24, 2017. These pages are selected by the MRT Staff team. If a page is crossed out, the page was featured, but was later changed thus no longer fit the guidelines to be a featured article, was re-evaluated and did not meet the standards, or did not meet raised standards.

Business, companies, and franchises

BearLodge HotelsCreeperColaDue's Food StationEat and BowlEpsilon Aircraft ManufacturingGreenLifeKalmar Fried ChickenMBSMusic's GemsNordicPrubourne SteakPurple PidgeonSonamuVerdantium City Brewery Co.

Games and events

Battle of the BuildsBelieve... in Holiday MagicBig Brother 2Big Brother 4Elecna Bay 2018 Summer Olympic BidHoliday Wishes: Celebrate the Spirit of the SeasonMRTvision Screenshot ContestMRTvision Screenshot Contest 2MRTvision Screenshot Contest 3MRTvision Screenshot Contest 4MRTvision Screenshot Contest 5Murrville 2018 Summer Olympic BidNothingOnce Upon a Timer/placeSurvivor: UtaraThe Amazing RaceThe Amazing Race 2The Amazing Race 3The Amazing Race 7The Amazing Race 8The Amazing Race 10The MoleThe Mole 10: Deceit, Deception, & DoubtTrojan ValleyWaterville 2018 Winter Olympic BidWishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams

Geography and places

Falloway Space CentreGhibli MuseumKoroturagaLillian Disney AmphitheatreManumanuNahuel Huapi National ParkNansei-Gunto RegionNew WorldTorres ProvinceVenceslo VillageVinatakaWagtail ProvinceWaitui

New World cities

BirdhallDeadbushFallowayFarwaterFormosaGemstrideGeneva BayHalua IslandHeampsteadJuhwa IslandsKolpino CityKonawaLarkspurMonte IsolaMRT LandMurrvilleNew SingaporeOpariaRedwoodSpring ValleyStoralisburgSunshine CoastVegetaVermilionWhiteleyWoodsdale

Old World cities

ArisaFairfaxInchmuirRedstone ValleyRobin's HillSkyscraper CitySpawn City

Politics and government

BahiaLacledic RepublicLeague of CitiesPeople's Republic of MontegoUnited Cities

Science and technology

Inchmuir Space Agency


Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International AirportB20BART AirlinesBoatNorthCitiRailCyan SystemsEpsilon International AirportEsti MiFairfax Northern CrossFort Yaxier Central StationFort Yaxier International AirportIKEAlinkIkedaLochminehead TrijunctionMinecart Rapid Transit systemNORIRaiLinQRyozu AirlinesSpawn City LinkSiletz Salvador StationWaypoint


Formosa Armed ForcesOctober 2017 Zaquar Coup D'état