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Featured articles on the MRT Wiki

This star symbolizes the featured content on the MRT Wiki.

Featured articles are considered to be high-quality articles that are shown on the Main Page. They can be used by editors as examples for writing other articles. Featured articles must be well-written, comprehensive, neutral, have an appropriate structure, and have distinctions between role-play and real aspects. For the full criteria list for featured articles, see the featured article criteria.

There are 135 featured articles out of 4,930 articles on the MRT Wiki (~2.5% are featured). Featured content on the Main Page is randomly selected from the pages below. Before that, featured pages were usually chosen weekly (previously biweekly or triweekly) on Sunday, which began on September 24, 2017. Articles that no longer meet the criteria may lose their featured status. Currently, these pages are selected by McYoshi26.

On non-mobile versions of the website, a small bronze star icon (This star symbolizes the featured content on the MRT Wiki.) on the top right corner of an article's page indicates that the article is featured.

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Companies and franchises

Crackhead Joe'sCreeperColaDue's Food StationFyfeCorpGreenLifehvt's ArcadeKalmar Fried ChickenMP HoldingsNordicONCCO (10 articles)

Games and events

_Kastle in the MRTvision Screenshot ContestArizTrad in the MRTvision Screenshot ContestBelieve... in Holiday MagicCookie46910 in the MRTvision Screenshot ContestDisney DreamsEchohue in the MRTvision Screenshot ContestEmmzXGet to XHappy HalloWishes: A Grim Grinning Ghosts Spooktacular in the SkyHoliday Wishes: Celebrate the Spirit of the SeasonKittyCat11231 in the MRTvision Screenshot Contestlil_shadow59 in the MRTvision Screenshot ContestMelecie in the MRTvision Screenshot ContestMRT Screenshot Contest (2015)MRT Screenshot Contest (2017)MRTvision Screenshot ContestMRTvision Screenshot Contest 1MRTvision Screenshot Contest 2MRTvision Screenshot Contest 3MRTvision Screenshot Contest 4MRTvision Screenshot Contest 5MRTvision Screenshot Contest 6MRTvision Screenshot Contest 7MRTvision Screenshot Contest 8MRTvision Screenshot Contest 9MRTvision Screenshot Contest 10MRTvision Screenshot Contest 11MRTvision Screenshot Contest 12MRTvision: Celebrating 10 Screenshot ContestsNothingOnce Upon a Timer/placeRacCort in the MRTvision Screenshot ContestTacoBurritoAThonValkorion314 in the MRTvision Screenshot ContestWishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreamswoorich999 in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest (37 articles)

Game shows

Battle of the BuildsBig Brother 5LingoSurvivor: UtaraThe Amazing RaceThe Amazing Race 1The Amazing Race 2The Amazing Race 3The Amazing Race 4The Amazing Race 5The Amazing Race 6The Amazing Race 7The Amazing Race 8The Amazing Race 9The Amazing Race 10The Amazing Race 11The Amazing Race 12The Amazing Race 13The MoleThe Mole 10: Deceit, Deception, & Doubt (20 articles)

Geography and places

Auburn AcademyCampus of Auburn AcademyDana PointFalloway Space CentreFeline Holdings CenterGhibli MuseumKarakarawaKoroturagaLailaiLillian Disney AmphitheatreMall of PlainsManumanuNimatakaSokoSuluaTeivakiVakasukaVinatakaWaitui (19 articles)

New World cities

ArdamanConricstoDeadbushEast MesaEncinitasFarwaterForgotten IsleHamblinHeampsteadItokaniKolpino CityLapis BayMalosaMecklenburgMoramoaNew ChandigarhNew PrubourneNuukPixlXilia(20 articles)

Old World cities

Skyscraper CityPig Racing (2 articles)


AlphaGamma (era)MRT community on r/placeOmegaSpawn City Delag (5 article)


A MRT Christmas CarolThe Glowlight Awards (2 articles)

Politics and government

Lacledic RepublicPeople's Party (2 articles)


A92Auburn AirportB20BluRailBoatNorthDogwood Madison Beach Cruise CenterInchmuir Space AgencyLapis Bay Expo East AirportLochminehead TrijunctionMRT Circle LineMRT Marina ShuttleMRT systemMS Azalea TaigaMS Kagawa SobuNORISiletz Salvador StationTransport PixlVentus (17 articles)