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Featured images on the MRT Wiki

This star symbolizes the featured content on the MRT Wiki.

Featured images are considered to be high-quality photos that are shown on the Main Page. Featured images must have an appropriate file name, not be in low resolution, add encyclopedic value to an article, and have proper attributions and rights. Images may also be featured due to their qualities of visual intrigue.

There are 42 featured images out of 14,465 files on the MRT Wiki (<0.01% are featured). A new featured image is usually chosen biweekly on Sunday, which began on June 5, 2022. These images are selected by McYoshi26.

The number in the parentheses represents the number image in which it was featured on Main Page, with when it was featured on the Main Page shown when hovered over. The image has yet to be featured on the Main Page if parentheses are absent.

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