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April 7

Please help us move things over from the old wiki! You can find a list of pages that require a move at the editor's hub. Please remember to remove line breaks and format before you save, and use the preview button so that articles can look nice.

The message from earlier in the week is also available below. Hopefully we can soon get a better MFTS viewing system put in so that the main page looks pretty.

If you create an account please create your userpage, something that says a little bit about you and maybe lists off your creations. That way we don't have red links everywhere!

Finally, as the first set of autoconfirmations clear, please remember that Funny Quotes and Guest Quotes, as well as any other semi-protected pages, are not to be edited excessively. Please make at most one edit per day to these pages, and try to store your quotes somewhere and post them all at once.

--chiefbozx and the MRT Wiki Staff

April 3

Welcome to the wiki, something very exciting that we at MRT are pleased to bring forth as a result of Frumple's generosity in purchasing a dedicated server.

This area, abbreviated as MFTS (Messages From The Staff) will be used to give you updates about the wiki where we plan on going into more detail, and when there are loads of instructions that could use distribution. Along with the obvious welcome, this message contains some instructions for getting started with the project and how to make this wiki awesome.

To edit, create an account and confirm your email address. Then pick any page and click edit. If you can't edit when logged in, then there will be a reason stated. Usually it's protected, or semi-protected which means you just need to edit other pages and wait a few days before you can edit it. One notable semi-protection is Funny Quotes because it is so high traffic.

Want to create a page that we don't have? Enter your dream page title in the search box, click Go, and then choose the create page link at the top. Then fill in the box with wiki code. Please do this with most of the pages from the old wiki - if you question whether a page should be moved, move it and we can delete it later. Trusted users can upload images. Please bother me if I owe you a trusted tag on the wiki - if you're trusted on the server, you're trusted here.

I have created a guide on how to not fail at wiki, so if you're interested please take a look. It has some tips that some of you will find useful.

A note on policy: While we write out our official policy documents please use common sense while editing. We prefer Canadian spelling, but American spelling is ok too, so don't correct it if you see it in a style you're not used to writing in. Along this line, use the minor edit flag only when dealing with spelling changes or adding links.

If you ever need help, check this page out. If you're a MediaWiki expert, please help by adding there.

Thanks guys, and enjoy the wiki!

-- Chief and the MRT Wiki Staff