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The Minecraftia Association is an association created by Airplaneguy9 that aims to settle on a definite theory for what the MRT is, where it came from, and what the lore of the server holds. Anyone can fill in their theories here under a new heading

What the MRT is

Cattingtonian Theory

The theory of what the MRT is according to Cattingtonian scholars is that the Old World and the New World are on the same plane, the Lab, Games, Maps, and Staff World are in other, parallel dimensions, and Space World is above all other worlds. The Old/New World (Central World as Cattingtonian scholars call them) are somewhere in the real world on Earth, yet in their own self-contained realm that can travelled to and from through conventional means given specific, currently unknown situations. Taking the aforementioned idea into account, Cattingtonian scholars theorize that the world of the MRT has existed for as long as the real world has.

Where is the Old World in relation to the New World?

Airplaneguy9 theory

The Old World (Omega) and New World (Zeta) are different continents altogether. They are on the same planet, as evidenced by the plane flights between the two. One can use the Waypoint flight map to show that Omega is clearly to the northeast corner of Zeta. It can be assumed they are separated by an ocean that takes an hour to cross by plane.

Lore of the MRT