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Town Officials
Mayor DasNexus
MRT  B16  Y18  Miningstone
Bus Route  6  to Inchmuir
Roadways  I-104 
Other transit  C  Cyan Line
 MyT  MyTransit
 M1  Metro1
Facts and Figures
Population Unknown
Town Hall Coordinates 230,65,660
Founded 17 July, 2012

Miningstone is a city on the MRT Server, located at  B16  Y18  Miningstone and the Miningstone Freeway. Its current Mayor is DasNexus.

Miningstone is the home of TheSpoon franchise and has many server-wide franchises like TacoCraft and Kalmar Fried Chicken. The city was founded about a week after the start of the server under DasNexus' old Account called Kraftler1 which is sometimes still in use. After a replanning of the whole city the city is now split into four districts. This new plan was made after the construction of the new  I-104  begun. Miningstone now has two main exits for Miningstone-North and -South.

Miningstone is split into four districts:

  • Mountain Side
  • Ocean Side
  • Northern Side
  • City Centre

City News

Dec 20, 2013: The developing into the Mountain Side district is in progress. Contact DasNexus for more information via P.O. Box, ingame or wiki.

Nov 20, 2013: New  I-104  is done. The exits Miningstone-Airport and Miningstone-City Centre were removed. The Miningstone Interchange was replaced with an exit.

Apr 11, 2013: All wood roads are getting replaced with black wool! The whole streets are under construction but still in use.

Apr 11, 2013: New Pig Parking Lot near Freeway-Exit Miningstone/City Center and the MRT Station.

Metro Miningstone

The Metro Miningstone is getting replanned. Please refrain from using the old stations. Most exits were already removed.

Nearest Cities

The nearest cities are:

  • Spawn City (North)
  • Bluemont (North-East)
  • Inchmuir (South-East)
  • New Spawn City (East)
  • Amphitheatre (South)
  • Aranstown (South-East)