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Flag of Mojang State.png
Basic Info
Founders MF_moj
Founded December 30, 2019
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic
Capital Deadbush
Largest City Deadbush
Currency Pesrand
Demonym Mojanger
Prime Minister MF_moj
Deputy Prime Minister Cookie46910

The Mojangstaat, or the Mojang State, is a federal republic and MPO in the MRT server. As well as being a federal republic in the MRT, it is also the successor to the deceased Mojang Union.

Intention of Creation

  • To share with everyone the mighty power that is Mojangitis.


  • To help towns develop themselves hastily, just like Mojangitis. This will be done through the following:
    • Consultancy
    • Construction Projects in member cities/towns
    • Construction Projects connecting other member cities/towns
    • MPO Infrastructure

List of Towns and Cities

These are the member towns and cities of the MPO. If you want to join the MPO, please contact MF_Moj on Discord or server dms. The conditions for joining the MPO (first time) are the following:

  • You may only apply one town for membership per month.
Mojangstaat Proper
Town/City Rank
Deadbush  [Premier] 
Mojang Town [Senator]
Veldberg [Councillor]
Cactusburg [Mayor]
Alexandriasburg [Mayor]
Kleinsburg [Mayor]
Verdstrand [Mayor]
Dekuville [Senator]
Chan Bay [Governor]
Orange City [Mayor]
Stackton [Mayor]
Member States
Town/City Rank Owner
Sansvikk [Senator] SansNotLuigi
Savage City [Mayor] Weier
Peripotamia [Mayor] Cookie46910
Frostyville [Unranked] Starcubed
East Mesa [Councillor] 0x10

List of Administrative Territories

These are areas directly controlled by the Federal Administration. These area may or may not be converted into conventional towns and cities.

  • Quarryville
  • Trente
  • South Canal
  • Southland

The Constitution

  • All your actions are bound to the MRT's rules of conduct.
  • Be civil
  • Don't be "smart" and try to bend to MRT's constraints.
  • Don't cause a ruckus or I will perma-ban you from the MPO if it goes too far.