Mojang Town

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Mojang Town
Basic Information
Deputy MayorMojangChan
FoundingJuly 23, 2019
[Councillor]July 25, 2019
[Mayor]July 30, 2019
[Senator]August 17, 2019
Rail  FLR  R5  W5  R9  W9  Mojang Town Transit Hub  

Mojang Town is a town founded by MojangChan on the twenty-third of July, twenty nineteen, after desiring to build a town that drastically improves on the elements and characteristics of the previous towns built by him. It is currently part of the Metro Westplein Metropolitan Planning Organization.


City Hall

City Hall area is the first area built in Mojang Town. It contains, of course, the City Hall, as well as the Library, the Post Office, the City Hall Bus Terminal, and the headquarters of Metro Westplein.

Filipino Town

Filipino Town is the second area built in Mojang Town. It contains the Jose Rizal Monument, the first foreign franchise in Mojang Town: 0xcoffee, and the Filipino Town flea market, one of the stalls sells weed hehehehe.


Trackton is the third area built in Mojang Town. Its name comes from the fact that two light rail lines pass through here. It contains the Mojang Town police station, the one-hundred-and-twenty-fifth AstroSlurp, and the Mojang Town self-storage facility.

Corporate City

Corporate City is the fourth area built in Mojang Town. It is where all the skyscrapers of Mojang Town are located.



Mojang Town connects to its neighboring towns by road and highways crossings its borders. It connects to Fujishima by the Jose de Burgos Bridge that crosses the Blou River, and it connects to Courtbush by the Volkway 1.


Mojang Town is served by Litrail, a light rail system that serves the many areas of Metro Westplein.


Mojang Town is served by the Mojang Town West Heliport in Trackton. A connection to the Peppa Pig Way Litrail station is available here. Mojang Town is also served by the Mojang Town Airfield.