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Mojang Town Airfield

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Mojang Town Airfield
Airport type Civilian
Owner MojangChan
Operator MojangChan
Location Metro Westplein, New World
Built some time in aug idk
In use August 22, 2018 - ****
Direction Length Surface
ft m
18 / 36 328 100 Gray Concrete
Statistics (August 2019)
Area 7500m2
Gates 7
Airlines TBD
Transportation tba


Gate Allocation Rules

  • Unique destinations will be prioritized
  • You are given one week to paste plane and add warps to it once approved
  • No cutting the line. Reservation table goes from top to bottom so put your reservations on the bottom of the table. Danx
  • one gate per airline for more airline diversity
Airline Destination/s Status and/or Comment
john cena national airways la guardia airport d; eat your eggs properly
South Weast Charter New Bakersville, Ilirea(?) a, NB only
IntraAir WMI, LAR, and SEG a
SunAir SSI a
torii RVA a
FujiAir Futurely SSI d; there is already an airline going to ssi
Infamous Airlines Antioch Airfield a
BluAir MMA a
MRT airlines Chan Bay International a
Velox Wythern, Riverside d;full
OLA LAR, GSM, MAX, RIV, NGY, STS, NSI, SEG, Any Deadbush Air facility d;full
MRTHS Air CIA and ANA d;full
Waypoint Epsilon (Airchester) d;full
Ray Airlines MAX (btw its been a week and most gates arent filled up)


Do not fill until approved.

Gates Airline Destination
1 South Weast Charter
2 IntraAir
3 SunAir
4 torii
5 Infamous Airlines
6 BluAir
7 MRT Airlines