Mojang Union

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Mojang Union
Mojang union flag.png
Basic Info
FoundedDecember 9, 2018
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Republic
Largest CityDeadbush
CurrencyMojang Rand
Prime MinisterMojangChan

The Mojang Union, officially the Federated States of the Mojang Union is a federal parliamentary republic on the Minecart Rapid Transit server. It was founded on the December 9, 2018, when MojangChan was planning a capital for his cluster of towns, at the time consisted of four towns. Its capital is Mojangsburg located directly east of Sunshine Coast across Lake Thanos, and its largest city is Deadbush, located in the western Grand Mesa.


State Rank Governor (Deputy Mayor)
Deadbush  [Premier]  Cact0
Johnston [Mayor] Cact0
Dekuville [Senator] MikeRoma
Mojangsburg [Senator] Frosty_Creeper10
Boxton [Councillor] Conric005
Masonsdorp [Unranked] woorich999
New Stone City [Mayor] megascatterbomb
Seuland [Unranked] hvt2011
Chan Bay [Governor] TheGreenKangaroo
Edwardsburg [Mayor] MC_Protocol

Overseas Dependencies

Territories controlled by the nearest colonial administration and not direct control from Mojangsburg

Dependency Colony-in-control
Highveld Deadbush
Purntston Dekuville