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Alert.png Frosty_Creeper10 is now the caretaker of Mojangsburg. Thank you for your understanding.
Mojangsburg Skyline
Town Information
Location Lake Thanos, Ward 4
Rank [Senator]
Important Dates
Founding December 9, 2018
[Councillor] skipped; second town
[Mayor] December 15, 2018
[Senator] January 10, 2019
Town Officials
Mayor Frosty_Creeper10
Deputy Mayor ?
Air Mojangsburg Suidplein Airfield

Mojangsburg is a town located along the coast of Lake Thanos, directly across the eastern shores of Sunshine Coast. It is a town founded by MojangChan after he wanted to build a Deadbush 2.0.


The Island

The Island is the first area developed in Mojangsburg. It is the location of the Mojangsburg Central Business District. It is the location of the headquarters of the Mojang Union, an organization of cities under MojangChan. It is the location of the third campus of the University of Deadbush.

The Beach

The Beach is the second area developed in Mojangsburg. It is the main resort area of the town. Notable locations include the Metro Center, the tallest tower of Mojangsburg, the Valletta Hotel, the main hotel for beachgoers in Mojangsburg, Groen Beach, a small beach located southwest of The Beach, and the Welcome Fountain, the main entry point between The Beach and West Bay.


Nordplein is a residential distict located in the northeastern portion of Mojangsburg. Notable locations include the Mojangsburg Library, the Mojangsburg Post Office, and the Botanical Garden.


Suidplein is a residential-commercial area located in the southeastern portion of Mojangsburg. Notable locations include the Mojangsburg Sky Tower, the main monument of the city, Suidplein SEC Railway Station, where you can go to the southeast corner of the New World, the Mojangsburg Firing Range, the Suidplein Sumotori Arena, and the Southend Beach, a beach that stretches until the south world border.

West Bay

West Bay is a residential-governmental area located in the western portion of Mojangsburg. Notable locations include the new Mojangsburg Parliament Building, the Mojangsburg Courthouse, the MoburgMed Hospital and Medical Center, and the Singlmond Beach.