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Town officials
Mayor CodyHM
Deputy Mayor Weier
Founder CodyHM
Town Councillors LightingMC, MaxStewartS,Sans05, HeavenAngel
Roadway(s) B139 shield.png Highway A92.png
Airport(s) Seoland Trimunicipalities Airport
Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport
Other transit Seoland Economically/Ecologically Advanced Transit (SEAT)
Facts and figures
Population Unknown
Town hall coordinates 1034, 64, -9356
Founded 10/11/2017
Recognized as town Yes
Town rank [Citizen]
Official language(s) English
Français Canadien
World New
MPO none
Ward(s) 1

Monterey was originally a military base aimed at clandestine operations towards [Redacted]. It was then purchased by CodyHM for $2 and established as a community build in December of 2019. Progress started in January of 2020.

Town Structure

Monterey exists in a grid-like system. It contains a tunnel in the south that connects to exit/entrance ramps to the B139 shield.png; which connects to the Highway A92.png. In order to build in Monterey, you must be approved by a majority of the town-building team. Please DM CodyHM#2241 on Discord for more info. You must also be in good standing on the MRT Server.