Mountbatten International Airport

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Mountbatten International Airport
Airport typeCivilian
LocationKampung Bukit, Mountbatten
BuiltAugust 9, 2022
In useAugust 9, 2022 - ****
Direction Length Surface
ft m
9 / 27 987 301 Gray Concrete
Statistics (August 2022)
TransportationMountbatten Central Expressway (MCE)

Mountbatten International Airport (MBI) is the flagship airport of Mountbatten. It is located upon reclaimed coastal land east of the Kampung Bukit neighborhood.


Miscellaneous Information

Gates use EAM standards. For reference,

  • Small Gates - X10/X15 (15m wide)
  • Medium Gates - X100 (39m wide)

Gate Requests

  • Gate requests come in a modified first-come-first-serve basis, of which...
    • Due to the quantity of gates in this airport, proposed destinations are subject to rejection to avoid redundancy
    • Airline owners are permitted 1 gate only.
    • Airlines owners may request a maximum of 4 destinations (for flight board purposes)
    • Airlines owners must contact moj via Discord direct messageing (moj#5629) for streamlined dealing. Airline owners must have:
      • Airline Name
      • Type of Gate
      • Destination/s

Flight Information

MBI Gates
Gate Number Size Airline Destinations Status (Boarding/Delayed)
1 M FlyBahia Sunshine Coast SSI, Mojangsburg MPI Delayed
2 M Paklong Hibernal Miu Wan TTL, Amphitheater BIO Delayed
3 M Elecna Airlines Elecna Bay EBI Delayed
4 M IntraAir Segville SEG, Airchester EIA Delayed
5 M Astrella Peacopolis PCE, Carnoustie CIA, Kanto KTI Delayed
6 M Transoceanique Air Lines Murrville MAX Boarding
7 M ArcticAir Ice Springs ICE, Venceslo VFW, Thunderbird TBI Delayed
8 S MojangJet Deadbush DBI Boarding
9 S AcaciaAir Port Sonder SND, Itomori IAS, Antioch ABG Delayed
10 S rosa Villanueva RSZ Delayed
11 S JiffyAir Parkland PFR Boarding
12 S Spirit Airlines Antioch ANA Delayed
13 S BluAir Deadbush WMI Boarding
14 S Clipper Airlines Sansvikk SKA, Wythern WYA, Oparia OPA Delayed
15 S Air Kanata Ottia OCD Delayed
16 S aero regional Itokani LAI Boarding