Murder Mysteries

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Murder Mysteries was a mystery-solving game made by MinecraftYoshi26. Members had to investigate a ficticious crime scene and search around the server for clues to figure out the who, why, and how and describe it most accurately to win.

Only one event was run, with the winner being Stealth_Eagle.

Murder Mystery 1: Put in Vacation Permanently

The sole Murder Mysteries located at a house in Audenville, being co-built with godzilltrain. The victim was Tom_Pairs.

Correct answer

  • Who: computerghost
  • Why: To eliminate all competition to win the best underwater city
  • How: Tom_Pairs is about to go bed and presses the light off switch which is tampered with and instead, activates the fire alarm, Tom Tries to escape by climbing up the fire escape, but right before, he gets shot by a fire charge. Plus, right before he gets shot, he sees a figure made out of ice, a distraction placed by CG. The impact was so hard, he flew through the wall and limped over to the backyard leaving a trail of fire and blood. On his way he grabbed his gun trying to shoot the figure of ice, but before he could fire the gun, he stepped on a pressure plate which caused TNT minecart to fly off it’s rail and flew onto his head and killed Tom_Pairs, leaving a flaming crater and a dead Tom_Pairs.
  • Winner: Stealth_Eagle