Murrville Kekkomatic Memorial Airport

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Murrville Kekkomatic Memorial Airport
Airport typeAirport
LocationSouth East, New World
Built30th August 2018
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09/27 646 197 Terracotta

Murrville Kekkomatic Memorial Airport (IATA: MUR, ICAO: NMUR) was an international airport in the south-eastern part of the New World. The airport primarily served the city of Murrville and the nearby city of Port Elizabeth. The airport was run by the airline company Waypoint. It was one of the most southern airports on the New World (Epsilon).


The airport terminal was built in only 1 day by Cortesi. It reflected the spirit of the city: a modern but at the same time old feeling. The terminal consisted of 2 floors and a rooftop. On the first floor we found the Check-In Areas and the Arrivals Area. On the second floor we found the Security Check and a small Duty Free. On the rooftop we had the "Skyview" which was an area to see the planes land. on runway 27. The terminal then extended to a satellite containing gates from 1 to 8, and via a tunnel to an off-side area where we found gate 9-10 and 11. You could have gotten to the Airport by travelling on the Suburban A Line and getting off at Airport Station.

Flight List

*Murrville currently serves 16 unique destinations on the server.
Gate Airline Destination Status Click on "Expand" to view the full list
1 Waypoint Airchester Now Boarding
2 SkyTrans UCWTIA Now Boarding
3 Air Kirdé Creeperville Now Boarding
3 Air Kirdé Waterville Now Boarding
4 Cascadia Airways Ilirea Now Boarding
5 FliHigh Airlines Venceslo Now Boarding
6 Infamous Airlines Fort Yaxier Now Boarding
6 Infamous Airlines Richville Now Boarding
6 Infamous Airlines North Haven Now Boarding
7 BluAir Venceslo Now Boarding
7 BluAir Deadbush Now Boarding
8 Gate Closed
9 FlySubway Zerez Now Boarding
9 FlySubway Ilirea Now Boarding
10 South Weast Charter Utopia Now Boarding
11 Gate Closed
12 BART Airlines Mason City Now Boarding
13 Waypoint Cyra Now Boarding
14 MRTHS Air Sunshine Coast Now Boarding
14 MRTHS Air Espil Now Boarding
14 MRTHS Air Whitechapel Now Boarding
14 MRTHS Air Deadbush Now Boarding
15 Gate Closed