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Music Nation was a corporation that managed all of Music3_0's franchises and companies founded and owned Music3_0. The company was created on June 26, 2014, and was disbanded on March 29, 2015, following Music3_0's ban.

A majority of the assets went to Feline Holdings, while, as of October 2022, two asset remained unowned.


Music Nation was created on June 26, 2014, to consolidate ownership of franchises by Music3_0. The corporation's flagship franchise was Music's Gems. The second franchise under Music Nation was Death Valley, a suicide booth rivaling STOP N' DROP. Following the opening of the Gamma, three franchises were developed: Benie's Lair, Music's Girlz, and Sharkeisha's Secret. Benie's Lair was developed to be a store dedicated to Benie, Music's Girlz was a self-described "babysitter service", and Sharkeisha's Secret was a clothing store chain.

GEMS Airline was also created under the Music's Gems brand, with hubs out of Zicronia and Zaquar.

In March, the corporation was disbanded when founder and CEO Music3_0 was banned. Music Nation's assets were split up among a select group of companies chosen by Music3_0. Music's Gems, Sharkeisha's Secret, GEMS Airline, and Death Valley were transferred to Feline Holdings. Benie's Lair and Music'S Girlz is currently unowned.

Music's Girlz

Founded following the opening of Gamma, Music's Girlz was a self-described "babysitter service".

Music's Girlz was discontinued in February 2015 per staff request.

Former subsidiaries

Company Name Description Fate
Music's Gems Gems store chain and distribution service. Holds virtual monopoly on MRT's gem industry. Store types include the iconic tower, with nine stories, one for each gem, the showroom store, a flexible smaller store type, and the MegaStore/distribution center, a large store built in special locations responsible for distribution of gems to all other locations. Acquired by Feline Holdings
Sharkeisha's Secret Clothing store chain based off of real-life chain Victoria's Secret. Sells a variety of collections of clothing. Previous store version was one story in a dome-like shape, current version is a cylindrical multi-story tower with a dome shaped roof. Acquired by Feline Holdings
GEMS Airline Airline created under the Music's Gems brand with flights based out of Zicronia Anaconda Regional Airport and Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport. Planes were made of Quartz encrusted with a select gem block, a custom one for each flight. Entered a partnership with IntraAir in January 2015. Acquired by Feline Holdings under its IntraAir subsidiary
Death Valley Suicide booth chain created to challenge monopoly of Frontier Group's STOP N' DROP. Each booth is 4x4 overall with a 2x2 pit. The booth is made of quartz and gold. Acquired by Feline Holdings
Benie's Lair A franchise dedicated to Benie, who at the time of establishment had quit the server. Each store is a pyramid consisting of end stone and sponge. Currently unowned
Music's Girlz A "babysitting service" which provided services to customers at its locations. "Babysitters" could be hired to come to the customer's house and "babysit". Discontinued in February 2015, currently unowned