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CEO SoaPuffball
Parent Company myles
Transit Type Monorail
Number of lines 3
Number of planned stations 28
Number of open stations 16

mylesMonorail is a warp monorail service that links groups and communities of towns together. It is founded by SoaPuffball to give a transportation system for the area in Savacaci, then expanded to give other areas a link between them.


mylesMonorail, formerly known as Airail was founded around September 2017 as a simple monorail connection between Oasis Sands and Savacaci, which was planned to extend to other towns nearby such as Mega Motion City. However, the plan was held in limbo due to another plan to connect a few of the southern towns such as Lowami and Columnville. Unfortunately, that plan was also held in limbo, and Airail merging with NewRail only made the fates of these lines uncertain. On January 2018, Frosty_Creeper10, another staff member of NewRail, wanted to split away and form FrostyRail. Due to ModernArt's inactivity in constructing NewRail stations, Airail also split from NewRail and was rebranded into mylesMonorail. However, it wasn't planned to be fully revived yet, as SoaPuffball had a lot of other projects to work on, such as Nymphalia and mylesFerry. On November 2018, Gemstride and Kota Lembah were set up near Deadbush, giving SoaPuffball an idea to connect this area together with mylesMonorail. That line became the most successful line so far, with 10 stations open so far. In the future, SoaPuffball plans to revive the unfinished lines of mylesMonorail, as well as finish the Mesa Line and expand to other regions.


Mesa Line

Mesa Line
MylesMonorail Mesa Line.PNG
Termini WMI Airport
Stations 10/15 Open
Stock Used Monorail III

The Mesa Line of mylesMonorail serves the Grand Mesa, serving Deadbush, Gemstride, Kota Lembah, Peachtree City, and soon Valletta and Euphorial.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png M-1 West Mesa International
Dynmap Green Flag.png M-2 Deadbush - Pioneer
Dynmap Green Flag.png M-3 Deadbush - Howard
Dynmap Green Flag.png M-4 Gemstride - Irida Spur to M-A
Dynmap Green Flag.png M-5 Kota Lembah Spur to M-A
Dynmap Green Flag.png M-6 Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial
Dynmap Green Flag.png M-7 Deadbush Borderville Spur to M-B
Dynmap Pin.png M-8 Deadbush South (planned) Spur to M-C
Dynmap Pin.png M-9 Euphorial (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png M-10 Euphorial West (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png M-A Gemstride - Aria's Peak M-4 and M-5
Dynmap Green Flag.png M-B Peachtree City M-7
Dynmap Pin.png M-C Valletta Old Town (planned) M-8 and M-D
Dynmap Pin.png M-8 Valletta (planned) M-C

Savanna-Desert Line

Savanna-Desert Line
Termini Seaview
Stations 3/6 Open
Stock Used Monorail I

The Savanna-Desert Line of mylesMonorail serves Oasis Sands and Savacaci, with plans to also serve Mega Motion City, Miasto and Seaview. It was formerly part of Airail when it merged to NewRail.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png SD-1 Seaview (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png SD-2 Oasis Sands
Dynmap Green Flag.png SD-3 Savacaci South
Dynmap Green Flag.png SD-4 Savacaci
Dynmap Pin.png SD-5 Mega Motion City (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png SD-6 Miasto (planned)

Southern Plains Line

Southern Plains Line
Termini Harton Bay
Stations 3/5 Open
Stock Used Monorail I

The Southern Plains Line of mylesMonorail serves the southern area of the server, including Lowami, Columnville and Tinimia, with plans to serve Harton Bay and Plainsley. It was formerly part of Airail when it merged to NewRail. It was also planned to be extended to Paralia, but that plan was scrapped.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png SP-1 Harton Bay (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png SP-2 Lowami Spur to SP-A
Dynmap Green Flag.png SP-3 Tinimia
Dynmap Pin.png SP-4 Plainsley (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png SP-A Columnville SP-2