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Northern Cities Organisation
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Founder ModernArt
Founded Aug 20th 2017 (Although the official founding date has not been known)
Headquarters Norwest
Number of Members 19
Speaker mdbro55

The Northern Cities Organisation, or the NCO, is an MPO that would like to and is focused on advanced and non-advanced towns and would like to co-operate with other MPOs to make a better Northern MRT.


The following towns are members of the NCO.

City Station Mayor Status Points
Norwest N/A ModernArt Leader 2
Pine Mountain  NW5  BuildPilot Member 2
Creeperville  NE8  Frosty_Creeper10 Member 2
Pasadena  A20  Silverbubble Member 2
East Spruce  NW7   NW8  MaxStewartS Member 2
Hendon  NE5  London150 Member 2
Lonespruce N/A j_universe0 Member 2
Chillington  NW24  CyAmethyst Member 2
Valemount  EN7  Canadian_K9 Member 2
Fort Chipewyan N/A Canadian_K9 Member 1
Savacaci  XW23  SoaPuffball Member 2
Frosty Rivers N/A SoaPuffball Member 1
Wampanog N/A _Kastle Member 2
Woodsdale  ZN10  Hightech_TR Member 2
Stoneedge  NW3  SoSo123 Member 2
Oasis Sands N/A CAMNMM Member 2
Formosa  NW3   M5   D5  camelfantasy Member 2
Silver Mountain N/A JTrain77 Member 2
Titsensaki  NE17   NE18  frogggggg Member 2

Points total: 40

===Treaty of Norwest===

Article 1 - Government Structure

The NCO is a leader-lead union made up of various towns in the Northern Part of the MRT. The Union is made up of a parliament in Norwest, and each seat is occupied by a unique town to then represent the town. Each time we hold a meeting, we have time to vote on proposals. We also discuss in the meetings various issues that affect NCO members and we will insure that we can do our best to fix those issues.

Article 2 - Rights

Every NCO member has the following rights:

  • The right to talk in any meetings (only on selected times)

(under construction)

Article 3 - Votes

Whenever the NCO holds a meeting, there will be proposals that will be made by various NCO members. These proposals are decided accordingly to how many points a town has, this will decide the Yes or No vote. If there is a tie, we will have to let the speaker decide either a Yes or No vote.

Article 4 - Joining the NCO

If you would like to join the NCO, the requirements are:

  • Have a town on or above the Expo Line (although this can be resolved in parliament for towns near the expo line)
  • Be an Active MRT Member
  • /mail ModernArt for more details

Article 5 - Leaving the NCO

If you would like to leave the NCO, the requirements are:

  • To inform your town is leaving in the following meeting
  • /mail ModernArt for more details

Votes on Proposals

Proposal 1

Proposed by SilverBubble, SilverBubble wanted to change his town in the NCO to be Coruscant, not Pasadena. However Coruscant is far southwest of the MRT map.

City Station Mayor Status Vote
Norwest N/A ModernArt Leader No
Pine Mountain  NW5  BuildPilot Member No
Creeperville  NE8  Frosty_Creeper10 Member No
Pasadena  A20  Silverbubble Member Cannot Vote
East Spruce  NW7   NW8  MaxStewartS Member Yes
Hendon  NE5  London150 Member
Lonespruce N/A j_universe0 Member
Chillington  NW24  CyAmethyst Member No
Valemount  EN7  Canadian_K9 Member No
Fort Chipewyan N/A Canadian_K9 Member No
Savacaci  XW23  SoaPuffball Member No
Frosty Rivers N/A SoaPuffball Member No
Wampanog N/A _Kastle Member Yes
Woodsdale  ZN10  Hightech_TR Member No
Stoneedge  NW3  SoSo123 Member
Oasis Sands N/A CAMNMM Member No
Formosa  XW5   M5   D5  camelfantasy Member

Total No Votes: 18

Total Yes Votes: 3