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NIJK logo.png
CODE Callsign
NIJK Spruce
Founded29 Jul '19
Commenced operations1 Aug '19
AllianceComhaontas Eitilte Síochánta
Company sloganInvigoratingly Brisk Service At A Low Cost
Parent companyOLA (70%)
+x (30%)
Headquarters+x Central City
Key people

NIJK is a heli company that aims to evolve the way we think about transit. Initially owned solely by AgustinSuarez, he sold majority shares in August of 2020 to CodyHM under his company of Oceanic Langus Airways.



We are a brand that was created as an alternative to airports, city-centre to city-centre, it's all about these key aspects:

  • convenience
  • technological improvements
  • young personality

We use the latest technological advancements to make your travels seamless while getting you to where you want to go (Not some outskirts airport but the city centre)! You can access our resource pack [here] (Will be made available once migrated to the latest version).

Flight Information